testimony to the generations

Testimony to the Generations

As my Spirit moved upon the waters

Did I not conceive you, oh my little ones

When I formed you with tender care from the earth

There on that day did I not assign your worth

And you, when I formed you in the womb

Did I not call you also by name

Have you not known, or have you not heard

That I, yes I, am even He that spoke the word

Did I not give my word that through my servant David’s son

That I would redeem you, even to my loving Son

Have I broken one word

Is there any of my word which you have heard

That any can say that I have not brought to pass

Oh my precious little one, none of my words will be fruitless

Was the body of my Anointed, for you my beloved, not broken

Was He not pierced so I could redeem you from transgression

My love, your worth is marked in the stripes of the Lamb

Did I not declare it from ancient times

That even your sons and daughters would bring my message

So, come now to me all you who are weighed by your burdens

Come lay them in the arms waiting to take them

A door is now open wide

Open along the narrow road that leads to life

If you are told about another path, turn away

Come to me, I the life, the truth, and the way

Was I not named from the womb, Immanuel

Was I not called to be your Holy and Anointed

Am I not called the Nazarene as it is written

Who lived humbly and took you upon me

By the word of my servants do I not call to you

By the word of prophecy do I not offer grace to you

Am I not calling still for you to come to me

Am I not saying, I am with thee, I am with thee

My assurances are certain

But you must be willing

For the LORD, MY MIGHTY LORD has made me able

With all authority under Heaven and on earth given to me

His blessings are cast upon the earth for all to enjoy

Seek the eternal Kingdom and receive the life that is yours

Come you who are of a contrite in spirit

Come you who are broken and in pain

Come you who are meek

Come you who hunger and thirst for righteousness

Come you who are merciful

Come you who are pure in heart

Come you who are peacemakers

Come you who are hated for doing the right thing

Come you who desire salvation

This story is one told by the eyes and lips of all creation

It started from One and runs until the last generation

We tell stories depicted of this glory

An abyss of verbiage against spewed from writers ironically

We are told to open our eyes and see the world from expertise

And I traveled and looked and got lost in all of it

What caught me was this amazing thing

It was at my worst our Father opened my soul to Him

And there I found all these words calling loud and clear

In the skies, in nature, our construction, and the open air

The reality I found in the life is that there is no reason we do not hear

Except that we have chosen the sounds we want in our ear

And despite the ruse, the passionate paths of life

The only real life is eternal life

And there is an open invitation to it

The door is open but the way is narrow for us only to fit

Just your two long hands and those you love can go with

These and all those other righteous gifts

Close your eyes while you’re meditating and listen

The sound in your silent, still heart is He that is risen

In the palm of his hand is salvation hidden

And you, oh precious ones to Him are all invited.

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