We serve a loving and compassionate God who wants everyone to come to Jesus Christ, His Son, to receive salvation. The mission of Spiritseid is to evangelize the good news of this salvation in Jesus and the kingdom of God. I share the gospel message online for anyone who wants to learn about Jesus Christ and the kingdom of heaven. When our world was lost in darkness, God sent His Son into the world to save us and invite us into His marvelous light. The good news we evangelize on Spiritseid is free; read, listen, and share. You can also join or support our gospel mission.

Spiritseid is a digital evangelical platform sharing the good news of the Kingdom of God with anyone who finds us. Enjoy free articles, poetry, podcasts, pages, and content that tells of the love of God, and do feel free to subscribe, or share what you find useful. Our mission is to share the gospel of Jesus Christ and the kingdom of heaven.


Spiritseid provides digital evangelism. Our ministry’s information sharing provides the gospel of Jesus Christ as stories, poetry, personal services, and sermon or podcasts to highlight the importance of Jesus Christ, the ONLY one who saves. We also provide free Bible studies and prayers for anyone who requests them.