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About Spiritseid
Sunny skies inspire people to smile and share their laughter with friends. Spiritseid wants to inspire good lives and the love of the Lord.Words have the power to nourish our spirits. The best words spoken empower us to grow and inspire prosperity, or provide healing from the pain and trauma from our past. The words God inspired in the scriptures give comfort to the souls who hear it and are encouraged by God’s free grace. That is the vision I want to inspire when you hear the name, Spiritseid. While it’s good to be enlightened with the words we read and listen to, the guidance of the Holy Spirit gives more richness to the spiritual meat the soul feasts on. We know the word of God comforts and heals, and to believe in the Lord saves. Spiritseid takes comfort in ministering through the loving words of forgiveness the gospel of Jesus Christ promises to all who are hurting, relief for anxiety, and the power God has given us through His Son. The day the Lord gave me this growing confidence in Him I wanted to share it. A blog seemed the best way for a quiet soul to begin to speak far and wide; followed by a podcast. Any questions or comments can be directed to the contact page or in the comments section. Join my mailing list for the latest free blog & podcast posts. Happy reading or listening!

Spiritseid is

Spiritseid Is
Spiritseid is a free blogging platform focused on creating inspiring articles and poetry, written and in podcast format. The articles are written from a biblical perspective with the purpose of motivating those who come to read. The topics cover everyday life issues from overcoming challenges to understanding gospel messages. All no fluff, no hype reading and listening.

God, Faith, Love & Spiritseid

God Faith Love & Spiritseid
John 3 verse 16 “God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son, that whosoever believes in him should not perish but have everlasting life”; & “God so loved us, we also ought to love one another” 1 John 4 verse 11 – sums up the Spiritseid manifestation. As the seed of the Spirit grows in me, I want to share it, even allow others to share their spiritual growth, even if I write for an audience of one, I can celebrate with Christ in the assembly of God. Spiritseid is written to answer those who want to know “if” God will forgive them”, or “if you are worth saving” – the answer; yes, God wants to save all, including you. God wants to heal the broken, to set the captives free, and to offer salvation to every one through Jesus Christ, His son. God uses the gospel, writers, speakers, music, inspiration, poetry to motivate us to respond to His calling. If My faith in the Lord and my sharing on Spiritseid can help answer even one, I am happy to share. Through Spiritseid I will play the literary flute and bring that message of hope in Jesus, found in the Bible. Sing the dirge and hope you dance and lament and find your way to the life in the grace and peace of God.


The free grace God the Father gave us through His loving Son, Jesus Christ (Yeshuah Messiah). His mission was to bring hope & give us peace and I want to share the love I receive. Therefore Spiritseid is seeding for the souls that want to know the promise of God but don’t have the resources or have never heard the word. Come view for free. Read for free. Share freely. If you have a Bible check everything you read on the blog or hear on the podcast, as it is written “test the spirits” 1st John 4 verse 1.

Spiritseid is for

Spiritseid Is For
Written in light, lyrical prose and easily digestible so that everyone could read and understand. Any words from the gospel you can find in your Bible to cross-check for the truth. Sharing life, sharing Spiritseid with your social media followers and friends. Everyone is welcome to read.


The Spirit of the Gospel of Jesus Christ is a mission worthy of accepting; it is a blessing to be able to take the mission of delivering the right message for going through the anxious ails of life.

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