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Terms of Use

Terms of Use

By continuing to use Spiritseid you acknowledge that you are reading the content of your own free-will and at your own discretion. You also agree that Spiritseid is not responsible in part or in whole for anything you do based on the helpful and insightful suggestions found on the site. You acknowledge that Spiritseid has not promised you any results in healing or growth and that you are solely responsible for what you desire to become. You agree that anything you do, is of your own free will, and you are solely responsible for any outcomes you work towards. You agree that you cannot hold the writers of Spiritseid liable for anything happening in your life. By continuing you also understand that neither Spiritseid nor its writers have anything to do with your salvation other than pointing you to the one who does, Jesus Christ.

You agree and understand Spiritseid is run by an unlicensed writer who wishes to share insight gleaned from experiencing life. You understand that Spiritseid hold no legal or psychological license to prescribe medication or advise you on such. You acknowledge that we share personal wisdom and sage advice on this site good for everyday living, letting go of past pain, and Spiritual living of its author(s). You agree that Spiritseid does not condone violence, trolling, bullying of any sort on or offline in the name of Spiritseid.

You acknowledge that while Spiritseid may provide practical suggestions for walking with the Lord, letting go of pain, getting over a broken heart, or for dealing with stress, and living your best life and being successful; that the advice is written mainly from the experience of the writer or writers, as their faith and life reflects.

You acknowledge and understand that the advice and suggestions provided here are not intended to replace any professional services you are receiving as a result of trauma, depression, anxiety, or other behavioral syndromes or issues; there is no shame in needing the help of professionals to heal emotional wounds. Please understand that there are neurological conditions that require trained professionals to provide services for them. Spiritseid is not affiliated with any professional psychological providers nor endorsed by, or endorse any. Spiritseid does not offer recommendations for medication of any type, debate on the use of, or debate against the use of medication.

You understand and agree that by reading content on Spiritseid or using the site you are under no obligation to purchase anything, or to donate anything to Spiritseid. You understand that the content here is provided free of charge for you to read, unless locked behind a paywall, at which you will need to pay to read or download.

You agree NOT to use our content for deceitful gain or with malicious intent in. You agree to respect the rights of Spiritseid to post our content. You agree to respect the individuals writing on Spiritseid forums.

Finally, by using Spiriteid you agree and understand that this is a site of suggestions based on the individual writers’ walk with life and God. Thereby you agree that Spiritseid holds no liability for your actions based on anything you read while on the website and you understand that we do not mind sharing as long as we receive credit where credit is due.