With Joy in our hearts we write with a pen of lighteningpoetry on spiritseid Were you searching for poetry on Spiritseid? As a picky reader myself, I know that there are folk who only want the word, the spoken word. This page of poetry is consistent with the articles you find praising God and doling out messages of peace and hope found in Jesus. It is free to read poetry on Spiritseid. We do ask that if you like the poetry here feel free to share on social or give us your honesty in a comment. You are welcome to submit a poetry for listing, which can be linked to your page or list your name if you don’t yet have one. Enjoy the free poems.
A Higher LawA Song of the ProdigalsElegy of KnowledgeIntro 45 DubMotivationMystery
Ode to The Humbling Presence of Jesus in reverent Free VerseOM: Original Manhood inspired by the Lessons of Matthew 5-7Soul CrySpeaking with A PhoenixTestimony to the GenerationsThe Silent Hill
The Undoing of Doubt and Fear

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