Mountain rising



Kevin Allen

The words

He uses them to tell of pure delight

Oh man, Oh man do you see the mountain rising

Its crest is sheltered over the sunlight

Casting upon the city the bright shade of her crown

Even as the people endure the darkness

What is this

This glorious veil of light

This surely cannot be a mount rising

Growing up among the cities

Has it been there this whole time and out of sight

Has it come, has it come to send the veil into dark places

The mountain is

The light is always

The city is a delightful creation

But listen, oh man, listen the light speaks a thing

The rising mountain with its veil of light

Will now become a peaceful revision

How did you spawn

In the cast of the city’s stride

Where the beast of burden resides

From where, from where did you take flight

In this place astride the mount of man

Did you bloom to tell, to show the traces

Hear the words

Pay close attention as they enlighten with urgency

Of a sure thing the mountain now rising

Shines to devour forever the night

So darkness no longer makes the eye strain

And Truth is no longer hidden

What did you think

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