Question my mind

The answer was unimaginable

Subscribe to a higher law it told me

And the writ law no longer applies to you

What do you mean?

I mean, if you are higher than these laws

then the laws cannot hold you accountable

How is this?


The Higher Law is beyond the laws of man

There is no evil in it

Only the things that celebrate life

If you follow this law

Then the law of man is moot

How is this?

Because in this Law

You hold all life precious

In this law you love without condition

You yearn to see your brothers succeed

It is your ambition to do good to them all that have need

It is not a law that you simply subscribe to

It is a Law that you become

Following this Law what law can you break?

I see, so become this Law


What is this Law and how do I become it?

You were born under the Law

To Become the Law once for all

Live, Love, be yourself

But being myself I do evil when I want to do good.

Then seek the Lord first. Being yourself in the Lord Jesus you do good.

Do not be deceived

The human condition is that it surrendered to evil

But given a chance the human will do what is right

If you no longer subscribe to the evil desires

Subscribe to the good of you

Become like the Law like your maker

Become like He which created all things

Be like that which is all things

Subscribe to the Law of laws

Subscribe and become His image

So let it be

Today I begin my journey

Spiritually seeking only the Law

To become like the Law

I must seek the Lord only.

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