A soul once crawled out from the bowels of the grave

That soul knew for sure it was on the road of the dead

When a hand pressed to its back, about which it wondered

Encouraged the soul to go up to the land of the living

The soul endured cruel mockery for its attempts

The scars of the enslaver, to crawl back to death was fiercely evident

But a strong hand, a Loving Presence encouraged the soul to crawl out

Broke the shackles and the hold of the wicked

Until the soul saw the light of the Presence that rescued it

And so he sat, his own wickedness the only sound in his thorax

Until a heart of flesh grew in at the place where he considered the thing

In his freedom the soul started to cry out to The One who saved him

Grieving his shame before Him in confessions day and night

Listen, listen to the soul cry

Though my soul was not upright within me, I will trust in you

My shout will pierce the veil of earth above the hue

I will cry out loud into the ether in praise of your goodness

Not only because you delivered me from my unrighteousness

Instead of harboring sin and filthiness

I now hear the labor of a pure heart bleating in this chest

It beats the rhythm of the grace you gave to justify my life

I heard you’ve even made me righteous in your son, Jesus Christ

Though I count me unworthy to even be your servant

Haven’t you even afforded me faith to live by

And now count me among your many children

Oh, Father, my Father, my Heavenly Lord and Savior

Allow me with the faith you have given to me to seek shelter

Within your grace and in your mercy

And with this love you liberally give me in my own beating heart

To love you with the love you have loved me from the start

Teach me to seek you Lord, in Spirit and in Truth

For it is you, my God, who has delivered me from the sins of my youth

In this graceful knowledge, this truth, do your children abound

That even though our wickedness is brought often to the front of our memories

You exhort to keep our eyes on your loving son, Christ Jesus

We keep silence in tribulation because it is you Great Jehovah, our God who defends us

You even show zeal for a son who walked life as a sinner

Whom you took pity on, when in the valley of dry bones you saw me

Hastily drudging along the way to the pit

With all the marks of a soul full of arrogance, fully blinded

Bound and chained, guided with shrouded eyes to sheol

But you took pity and gave me mercy

You unchained me and threw off my shackles of slavery

Shouldered the things from me, which had become burdensome and heavy

My burdens you taught me to lay down

To pick up instead the cross of your loving son

To turn away from the taunts and attempts of the accuser and to press on

You even gave me the praise and thanksgiving I needed to chant to the only Upright One

What a name is Jesus, the righteous one who baptizes by Spirit and by fire

The only name in creation worthy to lift up high

The name by which all other names have life

Look to Him I hear you saying, look to Him

In Jesus, my son, is the only means of your salvation

And so, the soul became a man in deep, deep contrition

Considering what to do with his newfound freedom

Guided by this new heart and this new mind to which he often

Turns in silence to seek the guidance of the bright shining Son

That tells him, live pure as the heart given to you

For the sake of the one with whom I wish to abide with you forever

And the words, those wonderful words the man now regards

That of all he sees with free eyes, of all he could do or have, the will of God is far better

And in this word he fully trusts

Thanks to the grace of God, the righteous shall live by his faith

Every soul has a story that others share. Few can understand the weight lifted and just how much we owe to the one true God. As for this soul, he came to realize that every praise written on the scrolls, even those included in the Bible were praises from conversations with God. We could never add to them, but we recite them out loud because of the works the Lord continues to do in us. If you recognize the story of the Soul Cry or wonder about it – my heart beats with you. Subscribe or contact to keep in touch.

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