Life is hard, man. Sometimes the places we should feel safe are the places we find misfortune waiting on us. Depending on where we live, it can get frustrating or even depressing. It gets especially difficult when we need to be kind to others to top it off, especially if we don’t think they deserve it. Truth be told, there are times we might bend the narrative about someone to get around doing anything for them, much less be kind. The callousness of this life has made us into cold-hearted people at times. But we do have a God who appreciates when truth and mercy are on our hearts.

Proverbs 3: 3-4 tells us about this:

Let not mercy and truth forsake you: Bind them about your neck; write them on the tablet of your heart: Then you will find favor and good understanding in the sight of God and man.

Mercy and truth are parts of life that can do wonders for someone when we can get by ourselves and show it. Easier said than done sometimes, for sure because it only seems to benefit someone else when we show mercy. But telling the truth sets us free from having to cover lies with more lies, or other more absurd or vain acts. When we show mercy to others, it gives them a chance they may not otherwise get. If we can give truth and mercy, we display qualities that God is pleased with, and people we interact with will appreciate. And we will be blessed by God for this good. The Bible tells us this in several places, and it is proven by us who believe and turn to Jesus Christ.

A heart filled with mercy and truth can lead to very good days for the one who is merciful. God will bless those who are merciful, and people will appreciate being around a merciful person. But being anything but genuine can ruin the moment if people see behind the act, and God does test the heart, in case you get by people; hurts us less too. If you’re asking yourself what mercy or truth looks like, you don’t have to look further than the Lord. God is perfect in mercy and truth; you can find all of this in the Bible. Jesus is the perfect example God provided for us. You can know God is merciful because when God created the first man, He breathed life into the man and He became a living being. We are still breathing that breath today, and we still have the benefit of grace, on the merits of Jesus Christ.

Mercy and truth can help us give the soft answer that turns away someone’s wrath and can also lead to lasting peace. When we want clarity in our days we can tell the truth gently, instead of flattering the person we’re speaking to. There’s no substitute for truth or mercy, although we all do try. I can tell you for sure that lies and flattery don’t go very far, because truth will always present itself.

When we let truth and mercy into our hearts, life becomes simple and often good, even when it’s not that great. It proves the wisdom of the Proverb that inspired this piece; don’t let mercy and truth leave your heart. Keep them bound around your neck and write them on the table of your heart all your life. Then you will find favor with God and with people no matter where life leads you. It will feel good when others tell you about your good character, especially if you can praise the Lord together for what He’s done. It feels even better when folk thank God for you.

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