When your love only wants the good of the people you see, then you will work hard to see that you don’t harm them. The story of love is always deep. In this world and at this time, love can sometimes be filled with tragedy. If the love is real though, it helps to overcome the situation we often find ourselves in for so many reasons. But there is a love not everyone knows about. Some have heard only inklings of it and have not looked deeper. Some people are actually confused about this love. And some don’t want others to know the full truth about this love, because they have been able to deceive people who wanted to learn the truth about this love. Those who have defrauded have even turned some people back from seeking This Love. But always take the time to learn the whole story for yourself, because as you probably know yourself, there is no witness more faithful than Love. So, if you read this far, don’t go away now, let me tell you a story about this love I’m going on about.

The love I’m speaking about says, “If you store up my commands within you, turning your ear to wisdom and applying your heart to understanding, and if you call for insight and cry aloud for understanding, and if you look for it as for silver and search for it as for hidden treasure, then you will understand the fear of the Lord and the knowledge of God. For the Lord gives wisdom, and from His mouth comes knowledge and understanding”. This word can be found in the book of Proverbs 2, the truth about love is a precious offering has been given for us all. If we take the time to know This Love for ourselves, there is wisdom and greater knowledge than we can find anywhere else. This story of this Love is a truth worth telling, because there is abundant life if we take the journey into this Love. King Solomon, the wisest man on earth, summed it up in saying “To fear the Lord is the beginning of wisdom, to shun evil is to understand”. And I testify this LOVE is worth knowing. If you have to give up a church or pastor or expert, don’t give up on Jesus Christ, keep the Bible and your heart open so you can learn everything about This Love.

Jesus completed that Proverb during his ministry by explaining it, this way “those who do the will of my Father.” – And according to Ecclesiastes 12: 13-14 “here is the conclusion of the matter: Fear God and keep His Commandments, for this is the whole duty of man”. Holy fear, not that timid stuff.

When Jesus came and lived, and died, and rose from the grave, He showed us that even in our darkest hour we see how much God loves us and how faithful He is to us. Jesus was faithful because the Love of God was in Him; His faithfulness while on the cross, in pain Jesus reminded to say, “I am thirsty”, fulfilling every prophecy and leaving nothing undone that the prophets said Jesus would do for us. Shamelessly, He comes to us and calls us children, calls us to come to Him to take his easy yoke and light burden and lay down our needless toiling, because in our troubles we tend to see the enemy. But in Christ we see the love of God with us in every struggle, and only need to cry out to Him.

The greatest thing anyone can do for themselves and the people they truly love, is to turn to God and his knowledge, searching Him out while we are under pressure & trials, as long as we’re breathing; there is a difference in our come-up, and our come-through. Even when we are ashamed of the things we do and call on Jesus, we see how unashamed God is of us. What those who defraud using the name of the Lord don’t want you to do is to lose that shame, because it leaves you open to them. Cast your shame on Jesus, your fears, your anxieties, your desires, and become a new person from the inside out. Take up the knowledge of God and know This Love I’m telling you about. As John rightly said, “I must decrease so He can increase”, when we know Jesus Christ for ourselves and live in Him, we gain a new life and a new mind, starting with the heart (Colossians 3:10).

In the knowledge of God is the understanding of the Everlasting Love God pours out on us in this life, before we even call on him. There are many times God testifies through Isaiah, Jeremiah and the prophets before Jesus came to earth, that “If His people who are called by His name, would turn from their own ways and seek the Lord their God”, he would heal us. That is an eternal gift of love that is for the believer and those who are hearing or reading the gospel truth. In Jesus Christ this gift is delivered and the promise is fulfilled. This Love is willing to fight for us, to sit with us and to provide for us, even giving us salvation (Jesus) so we could know that His word is faithful. When Paul was struggling with a problem and cried out to God, Jesus told him, “my grace is sufficient”. And what grace it is when we finally cry out God “help me”.

The prophet, Elijah found out how much God loved when he realized his own limitations and ran from Jezebel. “Wake up and eat”, an angel said to Elijah on the trail two times. After Elijah had eaten what was provided for him, he traveled in the presence of God, to the mountain of God, to seek the face of God. We are all invited to call on God at our lowest. God delivered Elijah but made preparations to keep his word to Abraham, which God had promised several generations before Elijah was born. God left Israel of old in the hands of prophet Elisha, Jehu king of Israel, and Hazael king of Aram from then on, according to His word to Elijah – today there is still an Israel.

In Jesus we have the full expression of God’s everlasting Love. This Love. Able to walk in the presence of angels when we’re in trouble and all we have to do is believe. Our darkest hour is lit by the Lord who calls us day and night to seek Him. He invites us into His presence. God says, in Isaiah 55:11 ‘Not one of His words is void’ when we turn to him. Through Jeremiah God also says ‘he will be found when we fully turn to him’. No shame in His approach to us and not one word left out. Faithful is his name in our trouble. Sufficient is his power in our struggles. This Love only asks us to believe in Jesus and confess with our own lips that Jesus Christ is Lord and savior. This is the way God Loves. The patience I found when I finally turned to Him to learn the Truth, compelled me not to sit silently, but to do the will of The Father I found waiting for me when I acknowledge Him. The crazy thing is, He found me before I started calling to Him, because I was busy trying to sell books and be famous. But God saved me and gave me testimonies to share with anyone willing to listen and turn to Him.

The Love we find when we seek the knowledge of the Everlasting God with our whole heart, is totally unashamed of me and is overwhelming. When we take the time to seek God, Jesus teaches us the true meaning of fear, the true meaning of humility and gives us peace. It is not magic, it doesn’t happen overnight, and we have to live out of this goodness we receive. In his lessons we see the true meaning of God’s eternal love, that He has loved us with. Love that is as addictive as it is unreasonably good. As we apply what He teaches us to our lives, This Love we find spawns praises and thanksgiving in our hearts even in struggles, because in the application of the word of God we realize what God is doing in our hearts to prepare us for what we will eventually do. Whether we choose to rest in the presence of Jesus, or give our testimony of his goodness in the presence of Jesus, This Love I’m trying to tell you to seek for yourself, awakens a bold Spirit within us.

The Love of God will walk with us through every situation we face in life. We will face many troubles. Jesus said He would be with us in those troubles, which is true. There are good days, bad days, insane days; the difference between us and someone who doesn’t believe is the peace we have in our struggles and the ability to live free from certain things, in those struggles. This Love takes us to places we could not imagine. While people who don’t yet believe in God only see trouble, we know our trouble leads to better strength in the Spirit of Jesus Christ, and to immortality after this present age of life on earth where there will be no more pain or violence. If we are willing to turn to Jesus in our troubles, we gain chances to mature. In that maturing we can then learn what God means when He says He’s loved us with an everlasting Love.

This Love I’m speaking about, is angry with wicked people every day. Instead of slaying sinners like me, God, in His great Love sent Jesus Christ to die, so that the worst of us do not have to face His wrath or die on the day of judgment. This Love says believe in Jesus Christ and be saved. Now, for everyone who chooses not to believe in Jesus. We sang dirges, spoke the gospel, told you to come to Jesus with all your messes, told you of God’s eternal Love, so that on the day of the Lord’s appearing you will know we only told the truth. You are invited while you are still alive. Jesus only says Come to me, he has done the work, you only need to believe in me.

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