“The Holy Spirit says: Today if you should hear his voice, do not harden your hearts”.

Hebrews 3: 7-8

Letters are always personal. These days you can send a message in an instant via text, email, IM, or other mediums and get an instant smile. But I remember when the only electronic writing tool was a typewriter. Those were the days we had to send typed or handwritten paper letter, in a stamped envelope to whomever we wanted to talk to. It may take weeks or months before we received a response, but they always got to where they needed to go because the mailman worked through any weather. Reading the Bible can be like that sometimes; there are times the message of the gospel sinks in and we get it, other times it just takes time to simmer. When it does, we feel the grace of God pouring over us and into our hearts. The gospel sometimes reads like a love letter addressed directly to us as we read the word of God. The Bible testifies of forgiveness and love we receive from God.

I have met people who laugh halfheartedly while asking “would God really forgive someone like me”. If that is a question on your mind and you’re reading The Letter; the answer is yes. There is a good chance you didn’t come to Spiritseid by accident and choose this article; search your heart and follow the good your heart is leading you to do, if you’re wondering – would God forgive someone like me? As crazy as it may sound, speak to Jesus, even in your heart and ask him for forgiveness. God answers us when we speak to him – though not always audibly; according to Jeremiah 29:13 – you will find Him when you seek him with your whole heart, which is where the Lord speaks to many of us as we seek His wisdom.

The Bible tells us that “everyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved”, in Romans 10:13 – but you must believe in Jesus Christ. This verse could be a good starting point for you to know what God has said about what He is doing for us. If you don’t have a Bible or would prefer to have someone to read it with, the church down the road from you probably provide free adult Bible studies. You may also find brothers and sisters who are willing to study the Bible with you there as well. But you must make the decision to go to the Lord.

If you’re reading this and believe you want to know Jesus Christ; Know that God is willing to forgive the worst man or woman alive today, if that man or woman believes in Jesus Christ and repents of their ways. If you have said you don’t believe in God, but you’re curious to know if He exists, the letter is for you; if you’re reading the letter and your heart is moved to know God, then speak to him in prayer, or open a Bible and start reading. You’re welcome to subscribe to Spiritseid or ask us any questions you may have about Jesus or forgiveness or being saved. When you study the Bible, don’t be afraid of what you read because the Lord Jesus Christ paid the cost for sin, so that you would not have to fear, just give yourself the chance to learn about the Lord so you can believe in Him – your chance to get the answer to that burning question; is he there.

What I have learned is, when we’re thinking about God and forgiveness, the question really isn’t “if God will forgive”; the real question is are we ready to believe in Jesus Christ and accept forgiveness and grace given to us by God. God’s forgiveness is a provision of grace, prepared for everyone who believes in Jesus. Know that if you are willing to believe in Jesus Christ, then Jesus is willing to forgive you.

If you have ever asked if God is real; I can testify that the answer is yes. God is not something someone explains to you or shows you. God is the presence of life that invites you to come to Jesus Christ and choose to approach Him. Confess with your own lips that Jesus Christ is Lord. God has an open invitation for anyone who gets the gospel preached to them and believes what they hear. The Lord continues to call to us through the remnant churches; your neighbors, preachers, co-workers, and others who share the good news, but you must answer the call if your heart says yes.

You are welcome to ask your questions right here on the Spiritseid blog. We provide a digital evangelistic platform because it is important to me to share the information that saved my life. When the Lord called and saved me, I was not having a great life. I was slowly falling apart. But God calls for us to come home just as we are today. Just to come home. That is the call of the Lord, come as you are and receive the gift of grace and know the Love of the Lord for yourself.

The gospel is a love letter, inspired by God and written by the prophets, apostles, and people of God to every generation of mankind. It is a call to return to God, and to repent of our transgressions and seek the Lord. If we do then He, God, will heal the ones who seek him with our whole hearts and show us His salvation. The Bible is the testimony of God to us, so we could know He has never abandoned us.

If you’re reading this and wondering if “God would answer you”; I will tell you that I wasn’t doing anything special when the Lord extended grace to me. I was going about my life. I thought I was doing something and wallowing in self-pity. He freed me from that life. He carried me because I was drowning in life. He took my stubborn heart and taught me to walk. Today I have the peace of the Lord as I live, given praise and thanksgiving in my heart so I can worship in Spirit and in truth ( John 4:24). When we answer the Lord, there is a lot of wonderful things waiting as we believe and grow in faith in Jesus Christ.

If you’re reading this, it is written of you “I have loved you with an everlasting love, I have drawn you with loving kindness” (Jeremiah 31:3), and also “Come to me; all you who are weary and burdened and I will give you rest” (Matthew : 11:28), and again in the book of John, Jesus says “I have loved you even as the Father has loved me. Remain in my love” (John 15:9). If you’re reading this and asking how this could be about you; the words of the Bible are the Lord’s testimony of His love toward us, and what He has done to free us from bondage to sin and give us eternal life in a little while. That is everyone born on earth. You are not excluded from God’s grace.

If you’re still reading this and don’t understand. The Bible is God’s testimony of His love for you and me. He saw us through the generations. All of our struggles and all of our shame and pain. Through His Holy Spirit He says, “Today if you hear his voice, do not harden your hearts (Hebrews 3: 7-8).” If you believe in Jesus, you will receive His love. Just say; Jesus help me, I believe (or want to believe) in you. Father help me to know Jesus Christ, your Son.

If you have questions about God, or about Jesus Christ; We all do and we are allowed to ask, and do receive the answers, if we have the faith to believe. God rewards us when we seek him, honestly. The only “work” required of you is to believe in Jesus Christ as it is written John 6 verse 29, “The work of God is this: believe in the one he has sent”. The rest will come. The Bible confirms all of this, as do the churches that tell the truth. If you don’t like to read there are audio Bibles, street pastors, web pastors, and more.

Forgiveness and salvation are free gifts prepared for us by God, as it is written, Titus 1 verse 2 “God that cannot lie, promised before the world began”. Ever faithful, God hears us and comes to see us in our wanderings through life to see if we are ready to receive his gift of grace.

If you are still reading, the simplicity of the Bible is this: God promised to save us. God sent Jesus to the earth as our salvation, our Immanuel whom he promised by Himself he would send; Jesus lived according to the will of the Father, Jesus died and was resurrected by the power of God. We receive salvation and life when we believe in Jesus, because Jesus is salvation. The End.

If you’re reading this; that feeling touching your heart isn’t these words. Don’t harden your heart against what you feel and do believe God has forgiven everything you’ve done.

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