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Without Money and Without Cost

Without money and without cost: The invitation

Isaiah 55: 1-2 reads: “Come, all you who are thirsty, come to the waters; and you who have no money, come, buy and eat! Come, buy wine and milk without money and without cost. Why spend money on what is not bread, and your labor on what does not satisfy?” In one of the more direct and generous expressions of love, God spells out his plans for humanity, for Israel in two plainly spoken sentences; a standing offer from that time and till our final generation.

Isaiah is one of my favorite books to immerse in. But, finding these verses and coming to an understanding of what they mean and whom the words came from made me happy. I love it when Bible study takes me to, Isaiah, to this chapter. I love free. I remember reading Isaiah 55 for the first time, several years ago, and not really getting the full impact of those words. The meaning of the verses may have become clear about my second or third time reading it. I read a couple times more. I felt a bit vindicated when I finally understood the verses, for reasons I won’t bore you with.

I did mention I love free. The context in the message of, free, in Isaiah 55: 1-2, reminds me of what good leadership is. In the verses, the call is for anyone who is hungry or thirsty to come and buy food, buy drink, it will not cost anything to buy drink and bread. While we may think about food and beverage considering our current global predicament and, those who are arguing about “the cost” of feeding people with the money we pay in taxes; the offer is for more than food or drink, and more precious each time I hear any of our civic leaders say, it is going to cost too much to feed the people who elected them as national leaders: Life, mercy, compassion. The tenets of the love we receive when we call on the name of God, no matter our religious grouping, becomes more precious each day I read news stories about elected offices.

Without money and without cost: By now we have probably all heard the phrase, freedom isn’t free. Or should we say, free isn’t always free? Any time we see a free offer, it is good habit to take time and read the fine print before accepting. Some things that come for free from some come with a cost associated with it. That is business, and most interactions in this life tend to lean towards the business end of things, either because of complicity or legality. Nobody wants to get caught with a surprise surcharge. But, God has already proven he will do as He says, without fail. We can buy bread and water and milk and wine without cost or money when we go to him. The cost has been dutifully paid by Jesus – that is leadership; to lay down life and hierarchy so we can all afford the free offer promised by his Father. No cost was too much.

When we receive something free most of us talk about it, as we go along enjoying our free stuff. Especially if there is a lot of it; we eat our fill and drink to our heart’s content and we tell everyone who asks where we got it and how free it is and how good it is. Some will share what they got with others just as liberally as they get it. Walking along with everyone seeing the look in their eyes as they drink away and eat, breaking off generous pieces to share when they meet hungry souls along the way, who ask about the food they’re eating and the drink they’re drinking. Good habit because God wants as many people to eat and be refreshed and live, as will come to him for the offer, and he deserves everyone that will come to him, as much as he has endured for our sake and for the sake of His great name. Though the offer in Isaiah 55: 1-2 was put down for the whole world to come and eat, sadly, many will hear the offer but few will buy.

Like everything else we get; some will mock those who take the free offer because they didn’t have to do anything for it but believe and go for their share, others will spurn the offer and those who take it, and still, as we have seen and continue to see; some will lose their lives just to get to the free offer. Many of us will be called to take the offer and few of us will go and buy wine and milk with no money and at no cost. But the wine and the milk come from the finest pastures and vineyards and, and the bread from the finest bakery, made to lasts all eternity. One drink and you are refreshed; one bite and you’re filled. It is an offer that will only be matched by the joy we see on the faces of our Father and our Messiah, as we come to him to take the offered nourishment.

“Come, all you who are thirsty, come to the waters; and you who have no money, come, buy and eat! Come, buy wine and milk without money and without cost. Why spend money on what is not bread, and your labor on what does not satisfy?” As someone who accepted the free water and bread, I choose to share freely on Spirit Seid. Sharing the free gift of salvation just as freely as I got it to make sure others have a chance to come and buy milk at no cost. Words to point the way with Bible studies, prose and poetry, words to make you think, but the free gift will be yours to take. Like the other lights shining, we can only lead the horses to water and hope they drink. What we continue to serve, along with words for positive living, is meat that fills your mind and heart with thoughts of righteous acts. I give with Spirit Seid as freely as I have been blessed with the talent to give, because some gifts can’t be repaid no matter how much we try.

While we each are doing our best to lift up and encourage one another to succeed in life, to come to Christ, our anointed Messiah before God our Father, we each try to reach as many souls as we can so they know about his free offer. So come, if you are hungry or thirsty or tired, there is free bread and water and milk and wine and I am willing to break bread with you.

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