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I was listening to a sermon during men’s ministry, at the church I attend, this week – Destiny Ruined, I believe the pastor called it. The story of Samson retold from the mind of a millennial. I’d never heard it told that way before and I’ll admit it made me chuckle when the title came out of his mouth. But as I listened to his message, I thought it made sense. Perfect sense. It gave me lots to think about while I was sitting in the sanctuary. Lots to think about after. Like sketches.

At one point, as I listened to the spin of the story of Samson, when the pastor spoke of a young Samson, a crazy Samson, an emotionally unbalanced Samson, the rumblings of thoughts churned. Here is Samson chosen from birth to deliver a nation, God’s nation, from the Philistines. A lot of hope rested on him. The Spirit of God rested on him. But as it turns out, Samson didn’t know. He thought all he had to do was shake and summon that special power inside him, he’d been born with. Once the shaking failed and he got captured, rather than call on God to correct the path he was on, he called on God to “let him die” with his enemies.

It got me thinking about the sketches we have as children, as teens, as adults. How we adjust to wrong lines being drawn in our sketches.

It had me thinking that maybe, just maybe, instead of saying it’s too late or we can’t. Maybe it is time we take the pencils in hand and begin filling in the lines to turn the sketches into drawings.

Crazy, right?

Not so much. Many of us are born into circumstances that aren’t ideal or we finally see how what we have works, but we don’t know how to use them or if we even deserve to. As I listened to the story of Samson unfold in a new way, I had a thought that, maybe finding out what was inside him, Samson didn’t think he deserved to live to use that power because, in the end, his eyes had been lost even though his incredible strength was coming back to him. Could he have fulfilled his destiny without his sight?

My opinion wound on the fact that he was given the Spirit to draw from in the first place and the sketch God made for his life was to be used. I believe that had Samson come to the decision to break free rather than die, he may have altered several historical events and possibly the direction of civilization, as we know it.

Is there a difference in our sketch? Each of us is given natural abilities that can be nurtured and cultured into habits or actions we use to fulfill our own destinies. Destinies shape societies and culture, our lives, our children. How we feel about ourselves. When we consider our sketch, we consider the same gift or destiny that Samson was born to. The choices he made to sketch the blue-print God made for his life. With us, could we decide that we would prefer to live and do what we were meant to do rather than use our abilities to die (give up your ability) in vain?

As a positive thinker who fell down and went boom a few times, I tend to think in terms of, “one more try”. And, to be honest, drawing is a passion, given time and inspiration. A pencil with a good eraser always allows for corrections in the art and revisions of the whole picture. Although things do not turn out exactly as planned, the sketch can become something far greater than they were meant to be from the jump. It just takes a little bit of creativity and an unwillingness to give in and fall victim to self-pity or ignorance.

Food for thought.


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