In Matthew 9:12 Jesus told the people who were complaining about him spending time with sinners of his generation, “it is not the healthy who need a doctor, but the sick”. The people who would consider themselves saints today, didn’t want to associate with sinners, because they thought they were following the law of Moses by doing so. But God had been saying, mercy, not sacrifice. Jesus showed the way by healing the sick and spent time with those considered the bad bunch, so they could learn the truth, the way God meant for us to understand the truth. God is our redeemer, and our faith and trust should be in him, so show mercy as God is merciful. Jesus taught those who were willing to listen, what was in the scriptures. Mercy and not sacrifice as expressed in Galatians 5:22-24.

Some of those considered sinners were tax collectors who took extra to cover their fees, the hot tempered who wanted to fight for any reason, or even those considered lunatics as well as beggars and whores; Jesus listened to them and often gave them words of hope instead of a chiding. The message to the sinner was that they were worth the effort of the message of repentance, to the saint – don’t be so holy you can’t talk to unbelievers or the “unsavory”. In this way Jesus got people to open up and talk about their problems and got an invitation to speak about His purpose on earth.

Saints & sinners; those who now believe, and those who don’t believe in Jesus Christ and live as if they have no hope are who are called regardless of history or culture. The sin we couldn’t overcome and the hopelessness we can’t do anything about, Jesus overcame for us, so that all could come to the hope God gave us in Jesus. When we believe in Jesus Christ we are saved from the coming wrath of God and are given the hope of being remade in the image of God. We are given a brand-new lease on life and are reconciled with God in Jesus Christ. Through Isaiah God said that He ‘would not give his glory to another or his praise to worthless idols’ because everything had failed before Jesus was sent to save us. In sending Jesus Christ to redeem us from futile and hopeless living, God gave us life, the hope of eternity, and knowledge through His testimonies by the prophets.

Aside from blaspheming the Holy Spirit; no one is disqualified from salvation in Jesus Christ. There is no other way to be saved. Salvation is free to us. Jesus paid the full cost of salvation on the cross so we can believe and receive. Nothing you have done in your life disqualifies you from the salvation from God. Salvation in Jesus Christ will keep us from the wrath of God at the second coming of Jesus, where the whole world will be judged by God. Jesus and those who preached repentance and the kingdom of God told us that a time is coming like no other. A dreadful day when even the mountains will run for cover from the wrath of God.

What makes someone a saint and what makes someone a sinner? A sinner is one who has not repented (changed their minds) and believed in Jesus. A saint believes in Jesus and is justified by God because we believe His Word and are free from sin and therefore are not subject to God’s wrath. Jesus Christ is the only thing that separates saints from sinners; the saint is only a sinner that believed in Jesus Christ when the gospel was presented to them, either then and there or years later, the sinner doesn’t believe in Jesus. The Saints are justified by God and have the hope of eternal life promised by God. We are forgiven our sinful and corrupt ways and are made brand new. Our choices when faced with life decisions are different because of what the Holy Spirit of God is doing in our hearts (Galatians 5:22-24). In fact, saints and sinners may face the same troubles in life, but the saint does not live a futile life that ends when we die. The saint will live again on the day of the resurrection. The sinner who chooses not to believe in Jesus will face the wrath of God for sin and die at the judgement, after the saints spend one thousand years in Heaven with God. Our assurance is Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit of God. The sinner unfortunately chooses the lake of fire (hell) by their refusal of God’s free grace.

Jesus came into the world to save people from the wrath of God. All we do is believe in Jesus Christ. That is the message of the gospel to the world, to you. We are redeemed for the kingdom of God, which will replace the world we now live in. Those who believe the Word of God will live in the kingdom of heaven forever, while people who choose not to believe in Jesus will die at his return. Then the judgment will begin in heaven and will culminate after a thousand years, then we will return to earth and everyone will come alive and see God; those who did not believe to be condemned by God, with the devil and die the fiery death in the lake of fire. But we will tell of how Jesus set us free and how he is still calling sinners to come to repentance and salvation. Your invitation is still active if you are alive and reading this or heard the gospel. Sinners and saints alike will see God soon. Believe the message and repent and turn to Jesus Christ.

While we hustle and bustle with life and its cares and “discoveries”, remember that we cannot educate away our Creator. He stands calling because of His love for His creation, namely humanity. But we can get knowledge by turning to Jesus to accept God’s grace; turn to Christ and fear God and give him glory because the day is turning. We are the reason Jesus came to earth, and we are the reason he will be coming back to claim those who claim him, by believing his message. Repent for the Kingdom of God is at hand.

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