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The one who knows nothing believes he knows everything. The one who knows everything knows that he knows nothing, if what he knows isn’t of God. There is only this bitter pill for the one who loves to explore fantasy. But in a little while the ruse of folklore will be proven for what it is. Lies will be turned on their ears. Truth alone will stand in the end.

The message for the generations before has been to look for the coming of the Kingdom of God. While some who received our message danced, some enjoyed the entertainment the messengers provided them, and some scoffed openly – a few believed in the message and the salvation through the one whom it is given, Jesus The Anointed. Life has carried on merrily; people marry and are being given into marriage, as it is written. But now we plead with you to repent and seek life in the one who gives it freely. The hour of judgment draws ever nearer.

There will be no more sacrifices given for you. The stars you have been seeking out for answers will soon flee from the coming destruction, leaving you in darkness. The proud heritage you cling to will mean nothing. The fire I send will cleanse everything remaining in its path. Even if you run to the ends of the universe you will face the judgment prepared for all. You will be given up to the one the stars and planets fear as even they plead for relief. The judgment is set for all.

The elaborate knowledge you have spent generations trying to decode; that same that seemed shrouded in mystery – the one you say is hidden into your genes. It seemed so far out of reach, but now I will tell you it is a simple message. The things I desire for you, things that have been spoken now for generations. The last of it has the same meaning. Repent, because I am coming soon. Judgment and your reward are coming with me.


1st John chapters 4 & 5

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