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Do you think you would do better in life if you knew more or only what you need to do your work? I was once convinced that if I knew everything, I could do anything I wanted to do. What I discovered while poking the bears of history, is one frightening reality; the reality of the words, “So you have sown, so shall you reap (Sources; God, Prophets, Jesus – it is peer-reviewed by history, crimes, hatred, murders, conquests, succession of nations, peaceful folk, and the Apostles). History is not exactly pretty all the time; knowledge is power, but only one part. Knowing what to do with knowledge… another story altogether.

See, there is a story that tells us, that God created us with the freedom to be able to choose what we do, what we believe, what we think, and how we live. As we live, some people abandon ship when they see what’s under the waters of life, some choose their own way, still, some folk find a way to hang on to the wisdom of knowledge they attempt to circulate. We are all able to debate or dispute relentlessly and endlessly. Reality can take a backseat to theories with the truth sitting front and center.

My generation was fortunate enough to see theories altered, new ones formed, some watered down or removed to fit subtle shifts in knowledge (advancement of course), lies too sweet to give up exposed in full detail & sight; science becoming strategic to align with findings that need to be in the mainstream; and still one thing remains. The word of God provides a detailed map of what’s happening, with the shifts of reality (peer-reviewed by the Law and the Prophets – kingdom emergence, conquest, and history), yet set aside for new theories that remove it as myth – even though the new realities are on the scroll.

God’s word to one powerful leader was, “I planned it long ago”; that God plans our reality, is still the knowledge I see playing out daily; See, knowledge takes delight in the fact that no matter how things change, they remain the same (peer reviewed by Proverbs of Solomon and all those who reviewed Solomon and the successive ages). By the way, review Spiritseid if you ever get the gumption to do it since this is a part of history.

So, forward to now, like in times past, we chase money or fame and achieve it to the fullest of our hearts; some. Yet, we’re still empty and void of true knowledge, so we continue adding on because our gains and doings don’t satisfy the curiosity or desires built into our human hearts. We build and invent and move the old to the newest innovations, but, we still take God’s word there too – proving everything; denying everything, because we want the glory. Generations ago the inventions we put into motion and the cruelty we heap up, were recorded for us to learn from. Discoveries are made and then fade when others point out the flaws because they want out of the shade.

And again, there is God’s word pointing to the flaws of our historical ambitions and actions; as you read this consider it history, like fifty years of history, like a thousand years, a thousand and twenty. There will be someone to say, not so if pointed out. There have been countless volunteers who come alone with philosophical knowledge. But God’s word will prove true when the next reality takes shape. More than six thousand years since the first word shaped our knowledge of nature and the stars and their workings by the hands of the wise, and we still need answers to answer the burning questions our ancestors proved thousands of years ago and left detailed instructions, as they bludgeoned each other into oblivion. Their lives, living witnesses to the phenomena of prophetic knowledge.

Each generation produces more knowledge gleaned from the generations before. It’s a thing. A cycle that sets aside God’s word as allegory, not meant to be taken literally but therein lies the irony. But in the stories are the questions of the who what where and when; each generation comes to the conclusion that it is merely coincidence. More studies need to be conducted, more philosophers need to think it over and share the data. The data gets lost until the next coincidental occurrence. And generations begin brand new.

But, roughly five thousand years ago; Noah told his generations they had one hundred and twenty years to change and seek God. Still, the cycle of living continues, on recycle through the generations with one simple difference. Jesus, the Messiah of God now sits waiting for us to turn to him to live and listen to him. You may laugh when you read, but if he calls to you it is worth going over and listening; you do this by opening the Bible and applying yourself in seeking him and praying – or continue your life seeking the pleasures in the generations’ footsteps. But soon, a new mountain will rise from the cleft of the wise. Where will you be & what will you know then?

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