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Elegy of Knowledge

An Elegy of the Cycle of Knowledge in roving prose

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I was once convinced that if I knew everything I could do anything I wanted. What I have seen while searching and asking questions and poking the bears of history is one frightening reality; So you have sown, so shall you reap (Source; God, Prophets, Jesus – peer reviewed by history, conquests, succession of nations, and the Apostles). Not exactly pretty.

God leaves people alone to choose what they will seek. Some abandon ship when they see what’s under the waters, others will go on; all can be disputed and debated to no pointless end: I have seen theories altered, watered down, or removed to fit sudden shifts in reality (call it advancement), lies too sweet to give up exposed in full detail, science became strategic to align with findings that need to be in the mainstream; and still one thing remains. The word of God explaining what’s taking shape, with the shift in reality (peer reviewed by the Law and the Prophets – kingdom emergence and history).

This reality delights in the fact that no matter how things change, they remain the same (peer reviewed by Proverbs of Solomon and all those who reviewed Solomon and the successive ages).

We chase money or fame and achieve it to the fullest of our hearts. And yet, in it is an empty void we have to continue inventing upon because it never satisfies the curiosity built into the human heart. We can build and invent and move the old to the newest innovation, but, we still take God’s word there too – proving everything He said generations ago as it exposes the inventions we put into motion and the cruelty we heap up. Discoveries are made and then fade when others point out the flaws because they want out of the shade.

And again, there is God’s word pointing to the flaws of our history; as you read this consider it history like fifty years ago, like a thousand years,a thousand and twenty. Someone will come along and say, not so. But God’s word will prove that it is when the next word he spoke takes shape. More than six thousand years since the first written word shaped our understanding of nature and the stars and their workings by the hands of a wise man, and we still need answers to answer the burning questions our ancestors proved thousands of years ago and left detailed instructions on as they bludgeoned each other into oblivion. Their lives a living witness to the phenomena called prophecy.

Each generation produces more and more knowledge gleaned from generations ago. It’s a thing. A cycle that sets aside God’s word as allegory. But in the stories are the questions to the who what where and when; each generation comes to the conclusion that it is merely coincidence. More studies need to be conducted, more philosophers need to think it over and share the data. The data gets lost until the next coincidental occurrence. And generations begin brand new.

But, roughly six thousand years ago; Noah told his generation they had one hundred and twenty years to change and seek God. Still the cycle of living continues on recycle through the generations with one simple difference. Jesus, the Messiah of God now sits waiting for us to turn to him to live and listen to him. You may laugh when you first read; but if he calls to you it is worth going over and listening; you do this by opening the Bible and applying yourself in seeking him and praying – or continue your life seeking the pleasures in your generation’s cycle.

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