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At Your Worst Moments of Anxiety and Trouble

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The Lord is near to the brokenhearted and saves those whose spirits are crushed, the Psalmist wrote in Psalms 34:18 – highlighting the true beauty of the only God whose love for us is infinitely deep. The Lord draws near to us when we are at our worst. It is a true promise. At our worst the Lord comes to walk with us because He wants us to notice him and to talk to him so He can save us. If we talk to him and don’t believe he will do anything, then as it is written in Matthew 9 verse 29; according to your faith so will it be done for you – and if we believe God will deliver us from whatever it is we’re struggling with, it will be done according to your belief in Him (your Faith).

Anxiety, problems, incidentals; you name it, Jesus is standing by. Right by your side; this I have come to know without doubt. This is not only for people who already believe in God, but also those who do not yet believe. Jesus is also close to people who have not yet believed in him, because it is the will of the Father of Jesus Christ, that everyone who calls on the name of Jesus is saved, as written in Joel 2:32 and John 3:36. The reality of God’s promise of salvation is not only for those who believe in Jesus already, but also for people who do not yet believe.

That is why many people who were considered “bad people” went to John the baptist when he was preaching and baptizing before Jesus Christ started His ministry. The people were learning from John that God was making a way to forgiveness for them in the form of the one whose sandal straps he was not worthy to untie (John 1:27). The peace that Jesus offers in John 4:27 covers all humanity, anyone who turns to Jesus can have that peace even when trouble tries to derail them.

When Job was tested to the gills by Satan (the evil one), God rescued him and restored his sanity and health. The peace of God also rested upon Joseph (Genesis 45), an early patriarch of Israel who was sold into slavery and later became a leader in Egypt because of his faith in the God of his father, Jacob. The same God who is the Father of Jesus Christ. And Daniel who at the time of the Babylonian empire was thrown to the lions because he refused to bow down and worship a statue (Daniel 6:20). But God shut the mouth of the lions and Daniel was rescued unharmed and promoted in Babylon.

But the grace of God given free to everyone on the planet is especially for people who don’t believe in God yet, so that if they should turn and believe in Jesus, God will welcome them with open arms. But more than this is an important part of life where during our troubles even when we don’t believe in Jesus, he is there trying to get us to notice his presence and speak to him in prayer or ask him for help, directly. While someone who believes can pray for someone who doesn’t believe, unless you yourself speak to God He will not do more than He ought to do. “Lucky”, right?

God comes to us at our worst moments to see if we’re going to call on the name of Jesus. The only name by which we can be saved. There is a lot of grace and mercy in this gift spoken of through the gospel, that during our worst moments in life we can call on Jesus and be delivered from trouble and sin. It is to the glory of God that this gift is still given to us even if we aren’t the best people in the world. Everyone, I mean everyone can turn to God and accept this free grace at any moment in their life, which is the only catch; do it while you’re alive because you can’t do anything when you’re dead. Seek God then while he may be found, as written Isaiah 55:6.

I believe Jesus is that friend who sticks closer to us than a brother in good times and bad times. A loving presence willing to rescue us from every danger we face in life and every unrighteousness that afflicts the human body (temptations, sin, and such). Our friend is faithful to every word He has spoken and wants only the best for everyone, including the worst of us. And even at your worst; be it behavior or days; this same God Almighty offers you His peace – spoken through the Gospel in every language. Even if you are at your worst right now, call on the name of Jesus and accept the free grace of God.

Remember, the Lord has said and it is written in Matthew 9:12 “It is not the healthy who need a physician, it is the sick”. Come to the physician and get your wounds healed while the office is open.

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