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The Fear of the Lord

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As I heard the words leave my mouth, I paid attention to them; “teach me to fear you. Teach me what it means to fear God.” I’d had questions about the fear of the Lord and I had heard everything from, fear equals love to being afraid, whenever I asked questions about the fear of God from elders and peers. But I have learned that to fear the Lord, means to fear the Lord, and that the fear of the Lord is a pure and enduring fear, according to the testimony of Psalms 19:9; a fact I discovered when Jehovah, the Great God answered what I thought at the time was a thing in passing.

One thing I have learned, under grace, in the presence of Jesus Christ, is that a good word in faith in Christ is anything but a passing anything. Have the faith and ask, even if it seems wrong to you.

Have you read the Proverb that says the Fear of God is the beginning of wisdom and knowledge of the Holy One is understanding. The evidence of this is in the careful lives of those who come to know God. A desire to live according to His will is at the forefront of everything we do, even in our imperfections and our falling short. He is the dread we face when we face tough times and choices, because we know even as we worry and are anxious, the Lord will deliver us from it stronger in faith.

Taking the plunge to understand what was happening after those words left my lips brought me face to face with everything I saw as a problem in my life. In doing this I lost the fear of failure, anxiety and I got a divorce, the anxst of peopling lost its grip – ish, and I now understand why King David was so willing to go into battle, knowing his enemies would be handed over to him. To fear God is a blessing upon a blessing. In Jesus it is a door that opens every fiber of your being to the gentle leading of Christ.

But what does it mean to fear the Lord? Does it mean I should be afraid of the same God who says He loves me? Does it mean I should love the God who loves me? When you fear the Lord, it means you’re afraid of the Lord and His response to your actions. As Jesus explains in the book of Luke 12 verse 5 “But I will show you whom you should fear: Fear him who, after the killing of the body, has the power to throw you into hell.” In Christ, the fear of the Lord holds us accountable because we know whom it is we sin against when we do wicked things. Anyone who has seen the character of God will fear doing wrong, not because we fear punishment, but because we know who sees what we do and His thoughts of what we do.

That is the fear of the Lord. To dread doing wrong because we know God, the Righteous One sees all that we do and does everything in His power to keep us from His wrath in the day of judgment. Even sending Jesus to die so that those who trust in Jesus will not face wrath, though we are accountable before Him. The fear of God keeps us accountable, because we don’t want to disappoint the One True God. The fear of God gives us confidence in temptation because we know we will overcome by the Blood of Jesus. And if we fall short; Faithful and True is Jesus!

The same God, the same Jesus says come. Don’t let fear of punishment keep you from salvation. Let fear drive you toward Him. If you fear death, come to Jesus in prayer and receive eternal life. If you are suffering anxiety from trauma, come to Jesus and receive his enduring peace. If you are reading the book and see that the sins you see are too much, come to Jesus and trust that he has already overcome them for you, so that all you have to do is believe in him. If you fear that you will do wrong, come to Jesus Christ who has overcome temptation, and receive freedom from the desires you are afraid of. Believe in the forgiving power of Jehovah the Almighty God. Nothing is impossible to the Lord. Jesus made of me a testimony and proof of this when he raised me from the valley of dry bones. One who has walked in the shadow of the Almighty since I was a child and fell to temptation and now because of grace I am alive forever in Jesus Christ. God will redeem anyone who is willing to answer him when he compels your heart to repentance.

The fear of the Lord is forever pure. Your eyes will light with the blessing of Jesus Christ when you come to him with fear and trembling, piety and humility. The fear of the Lord is a transforming act on your part. In this Jesus will teach you why it is more important to fear the Lord God so that nothing, no fear of anything will direct your actions. Instead even when you are unsure, Jesus will be able to direct your actions to the path of life no matter what choices are in front of you.

The fear of the Lord is obedient and malleable as a child to a parent, and so fear of the Lord leads us in walking the line in Jesus Christ, according to His righteousness. In the fear of the Lord I’ve learned to lay aside being right & being strong, for the gentle leading of Jesus Christ. In Christ is peace and love that is unreasonably faithful. It has led me to a pure way of thinking, a pure way of responding, a pure way of living that is beyond anything I have experienced before.

The fear of the Lord kept my feet as it troubled me, at first transforming an empowerment blog to Spiritseid and giving up fictional writing, from caving because of what I thought people would think about what I was doing. Instead, a new focus cropped up in mind; Nothing I want is more important than speaking the truth I found in Jesus Christ so that anyone willing to listen, God will redeem them. To fear God and to give Him the glory His name deserves is more important than anything I want. First, because after falling away, I did not deserve to be called back to life. But, the Lord is gracious to His children, all of us, and His message is ever before us. We only need to open our hearts to Him.

The Fear of the Lord is beautiful, compelling me to share the gospel of Jesus Christ, the grace of God to us. What’s coming is no secret. While some don’t want people scared, there is a day for that, a day when even the mountains will be looking for a place to hide. A day where everyone will fear the Lord and give Him the glory due His name. In knowing that life and death are before us, the fear of the Lord compelled me to speak freely so that anyone who sees or hears and will listen will turn to God. Anyone who has questions about references can search their Bibles diligently.

The fear of the Lord led me to boldly claim the promise of salvation and every promise God has given us in Jesus Christ. The fear of the Lord has removed my fears about life and given me full faith in the power of Jesus Christ. If you open your heart today to Him, you will feel the same way. Do you have a testimony about the fear of the Lord?

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