Worry About The Right Things

Should you eat that last piece of bread or save it till later. Should you invest or save your last dollar. How can you work toward getting that “name it” you want, etc.

Worrying has never solved anything. But as humans, we still do it. But if you train yourself enough maybe you’ll begin to worry about the right things, focused on you being better than you were an hour ago, turning you into an action warrior and changing your life.

Ha ha, you say, worrying is a subconscious reaction. Ha ha I say, controlling some of your worrying is better than having no control at all.

The truth is, when you catch worried thoughts throughout a day or even at wake-up, if you force it from “woe is me” to “how can I work toward” or if possible “how can I fix”, or “is it even worth fixing” you will notice subtle changes to the way you worry. That’s not an overnight change and can be a pain in the butt, but so worth it.

And finally, and most importantly, asking yourself if you should even participate in what you’re worried over. There are times it’s best to let your worries go and the cause of your worries with it. To be an observer rather than a participant in order to see the thing properly. Those are times you will understand that joining crowd-think or becoming part of the fuss is not the correct solution, no matter what’s at stake.

There is never a right thing to worry about but you can turn it into “should Is and how do Is”. The results of that kind of worrying will be worth your focus.

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