When you want Something

Go get it! How else do you expect to get the thing you want? I see people sometimes hanging in the balance when they want something. The decision isn’t an easy one for them and that’s perfectly fine. But then they sit stagnant and worried about their inability to manifest what they want. Here’s a secret for those of you reading this. The things you want are there for you to take, not there to come to you. They are inanimate objects and will only come to you when you reach out and take it. You can always wait for someone to bring it to you, but more than likely, they’ll take it and vanish with it before they give it to you.

Successful people know that to be successful they had to reach out and take what they wanted. I know, I know, there are books that tell you that all you have to do is desire something and it will come to you… There are many people who actually try this, they sit and wait desiring, feeling good because they know what they want, and they wait, and wait, and… Well, they keep waiting for something they keep thinking about. The reality is you can’t have what you don’t go for. Why do you think most lazy people don’t do or have much. The smart lazy people don’t want anything, therefore they don’t really have to do much. They just take what they want and be happy with that. Is there anything wrong with that? Absolutely not, because they still take what they want from life, they live life according to what they are able to take.

The same rules apply to you. If someone or something tells you just believe and it will come; that person is more than likely trying to take something that belongs to you. Even Jesus said it clearly, “Faith without works is dead’. What that means is simply believing without doing means nothing. It can also be applied in the opposite direction, if you’re doing something you don’t believe you will be successful at, your mind will find all the loopholes it takes to fail and feed that to you, thus, you will do everything you can to fail.

You have to believe in what you’re doing as much as you are doing what you believe. This is the true way to getting what you want. When you put it into your mind that you will success or get what you want, then your mind will find ways to bring that desire to you. It’s a matter of ‘faith and works’ getting together and being on the same page, your mind. Reality is, you can’t fail unless you want to fail, and even in failure you should realize the measure of success that comes from it; the lesson you learn.


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