Weathering The Storms

We all know there are people who would celebrate our downfall.

But what we need to be mindful of are the people who will be mourning our loss as much as or even more than ourselves. The ones who will spend their last days trying to make sure we try. They are the reason to give that last ditch effort.

After, it is never wrong to change and own or accept those changes. Alter even your public facade. Like the Phoenix, we change in the end. Trying to be the same as you were before does not mean you can be.

Accept who came through the storm. Be the best new you. Then learn to use your new strength. What you may see here is that your new strength comes with new strategies learned among the waves. In it, there may even be redemption from some parts of your past that haunted you.

Mostly, you will have a new outlook that may be just what someone else needs for the days when their hardship seems impossible.

As painful as it may sound to hear. Some of those trials of ours are our best teachers. The universe itself preparing us for future days. Teaching us to grow.

My truth, my confession is; anxiety pushes at me to quit most days. Just give in and fail. There are more than enough reasons for me to comply with anxiety. My reality is that there are too many people I would dissappoint. Too many reasons of my own to keep doing. My new strength gives me the audacity to share that part of me. I am able to show weakness with my new strength.

What about you? What did you learn in your storm?

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