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I have had, and have heard many spirited debates about how to live; YOLO is the newest acronym to leap on the spirited debate pile and took over the minds of those who religiously swear by yolo – put it all out there because “you only live once”. Calm cool and collected has been argued for generations, because even I remember hearing those words growing up. And then there is the generational “hang it all on the line”, a yolo thing from the older generations. And there is the quiet unassuming lifestyle most spirited debaters sweep under the rug. I’m been part of conversations where the spirited debates centered on coming out of our shell. Whichever way choose to live it creates some lively moments and some spirited outcomes.

But did you know that the way of life is Jesus Christ? “I am the way the truth and the life, Jesus says in John 14 verse 6 and explains why by saying, “no man comes to the Father except through me”. A truth testified to through the prophets Moses, Isaiah, Jeremiah, Amos and all the others before by the divine inspiration of God. In Jesus our lives are guarded by the righteousness of God. When those Spirited debates takes place and our hearts are drawn by what we hear in them James 4:7 reminds us to ”Submit to God and resist the devil”, with good reason. Proverbs 16 verse 9 remind us that as “We plan our lives, but it is God who directs our steps”, a grace of God – and the Psalmist reminds us in chapter 37 verse 5 to “Commit your way to the Lord, and He will bring it to pass”.

Whichever way you choose to live, the message of John chapter 10 verse 10 reminds us to live life through Jesus Christ, and Jesus remind us of those “Who do the will of the Father” in Matthew 7 verse 21. The venerable elder reminds us in Philippians 1 verse 21 “to live is Christ”. However those spirited debates sway you, whatever speed you choose to live – live it through the Lord Jesus Christ, unto God.

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Righteous Lord, we praise you that you give us life freely when we turn to Jesus. Thank you that you have considered us in your wisdom and want us to be alive with your Son, Jesus. We thank you that you meet us where we are in life to give us a better life. Lord, we accept your free grace and the life you offer to us, free from sin, in Jesus. We thank you that it is by your righteousness that we live in Jesus and that the good we want to do is found in your Son. It is in His name we pray to you Lord, and it is in the name of Jesus we accept your gift of life. Amen.

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