Tip For Staying Motivated At Home

Staying motivated while staying home is always tough. You’ve spent your hard earned dollars buying everything you could to make it Comfortable for you; the couch, the large screen TV, your game system, delicious, tasty foods and snacks, beer, comfy chairs, & need we say, the couch. When all that gets tiring, the bedroom isn’t far from all of those things. But, you want to get stuff done. You’re just not motivated to move away from whatever’s distracting you now and you want that one tip that will get you to move, right?

Honestly, there is nothing like getting home after a long day at work. There is being able to sit down and just forget about it. After a while that gets boring. You may call a friend or two, if you have those things and go somewhere or, you may want to use one of those things you spent a few bucks on. But, you have something to do and you just don’t know how to do it.

It is like a writer having writer’s block when you hit home. For some of us, we can get ourselves in gear when it’s time to get things done. Some of us, not so much. We need that extra something to get us going. While our tired bodies will thank us for lying there pressed into the cushion, a finished task will feel so much better. But how to move away?

Getting a glass of water or beverage – I bet you laughed and said, no? When you get up to go get yourself a glass of water, or a drink, you move and circulation starts creeping into those lazy bones. If you’re one of those who keep the cool drink next to you, try this trick. When you go get a drink have a to do list right next to it and check off the ones you’ve done. When you approach the space for the drink and see the list, a sense of accomplishment will materialize. It’s like a jolt of energy almost.

While it may not seem like much at first, what this jolt will do over time is train your brain into doing more, for that rush of feel good. The more you see your lists, when you get up to get your cool beverage yourself, the more you will want to get done. It’s almost like watching your favorite sports team running up the scoreboard as you check off another thing done. Before you know it you will be creating a second list. A third.

The next time you head for the couch, try not to bring that pitcher of cool drink. Leave it in the fridge or wherever you store it, with a glass directly in front of your to-do-list. A pen handy. The more you see the list, the more you’ll want to do. The feeling of wanting to do things will grow over time and in time you will be motivated and getting stuff done like a pro.

Doing anything isn’t easy when you finally get some unscheduled vacation time. Of course, COVID 19 has been anything but a vacation. But it has given us a lot of time to catch up and spend more time with the loved ones who love with us. Maybe now we can also get to that lawn or finish the repair on that basement step. If this tip works for you, don’t hesitate to share with Spiritseid.

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