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The Song of the City written to visions

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There is a song in my heart for you. A hope. A vision springing up brand new. A city alive with the light of life, of the Lord our God. There is a song on my lips for you. Come. See the city being prepared with intricate views. The gold standard is being applied. A gift of love to those who go up to see the city. To see it and meet its management. In the city the one rule is love. Love for the Lord and love for its citizens. No one walks alone. All the children walk in godly love.

Do you hear the song? The ancient song of revival. The choruses call to reminder the first love in which we are called to devotion. A heart, a heart of love is prepared for you. An incorruptible love dedicated to you if you overcome. The way to the city is prepared even now. A lovely view inside and a beauty set to majesty if you decide to come. There, the Lord sits enthroned above man. Will you come?

There is a song in my heart for you. A hope that you will accept my invitation. Oh little ones, have love abundantly upon this new age. Leave the age of pain and scars. Your wounds will be bound by the grace of the song. A healing light flows throughout the city, lighting everything inside and outside of its gates. Hear the voices rising in union to the great Lord of the city. Ho ho we sing to you.

Do you not feel the dance of the hymn? Put away your apprehension? This song is of love, the only law within the city. This song I have in my heart for you will not accuse or harm, will not boast against any person, will welcome you with open arms, will protect you from all harm. In the city, in the city you are guarded by each other. In the city, in the city you will be free to give devotion. Will you be coming?

There is a song in my heart for you. Come to the city of the Almighty King. There is no reason to wait until its built. A kingdom has been given as the path to set your feet, where love is the rule of those within. This kingdom is the path, the only way into the city. You must be dressed for the celebration of a lifetime. A joyous banquet for a gracious groom and His lovely bride. The first celebration to dedicate the city. Oh come to the city. This song is sung for you to help you find your way into the city. To help you find your way to the singing tree. Oh come to the city.

When you come to the city leave your cares behind. Forget your strength and your will to fight. Come to the city with expectation of delight. Here you will see lions and lambs in the same field as friends with children dancing among them. Fearless birds flit with joyful tunes and serpents coil playfully inside the city.

There is a song in my heart for you from the city. Such lovely songs you will find to join inside the city. A haunting tune alive and well inside the city. Hear voices rise in hallelujah inside the city. The great I AM resides inside the city. There is a song inside His heart for you inside the city. Come into the city prepared for eternity. Come to the city.

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