The Singularity’s Paradox

Knowledge is a personal experience.

Once, a wizard was studying the remains of a tree. Still had a few leaves. Jotting notes with his pencil on expensive paper, the wizard went about trying to figure out where the tree came from.

Then the wizard’s young assistant asked where the pencil came from, the wizard said, a tree. Same for the paper, same for the desk the wizard worked on.

While the wizard studied, the assistant set to another task. Testing each of those things. The desk, it turns out, came from the same tree as the pencil and paper.

The same one the wizard was working on. The remainder of the tree matched the pencil, desk, paper. More surprising was when the assistant discovered that a few seeds they had collected came from the tree.

More important. The assistant looked closely and found that the same tree had been spawned from trees they had collected thousands of miles away.

But what really blew the assistant’s mind was the discovery of their own species’ origins were tied in some way to that same tree. But the wizard refused to discuss it. The wizard’s search was simply about the origin of the tree.

Knowledge is a powerful singularly. If you depend on anything outside of your own machinations for knowledge then you may miss the explanation that the singularity is giving to you.

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