The Simple Guide to Living Well

Happy, healthy, living well


Most people think this means money, social circle, woohoo moments and junk.

It isn’t about the people you know because some day, they may not want to know you. It isn’t about the parties you go to because some day you may not be able to go outside. It isn’t about the money you make because some day, you may not be able to make a dime.

So how does one live well?

Living well is an individual choice we can share, if we choose. It is not absolute that you follow any path or know anyone. It is simply accepting your circumstances for what they are and using them in ways that benefit your life.

When we, as individuals hear the words living well, there is the vision of money and people and social gatherings (usually parties) and lots of other heavily involved things.

Truth – things; money, cars, parties, all of it was created as individual vices we could use to try and enhance the societies we created to try to enhance ourselves.

Follow that or should I explain?

The short-winded version is, all you need to live well is you. A conscious decision that leads to a subconscious decision that you participate in, to be happy by taking control of the situation and things in your life. And while it may seem impossible because of your circumstances, there are countless people to point you to.

People leave prisons with degrees. I see people rising from poverty to wealth. I see people going from wealth to poverty. I see people who live their whole lives in the same house they were born and could not be happier.

So how can a person live well?

Find the source of the reason you are not living well and change it. That source is usually  (99.9%) something implanted in your own mind, feeding you lies about something your life is missing.

Haven’t you ever felt it? More money? More friends? Better friends?

The simplest secret to living well – simple – choose to accept the things and people on your life. But choose to nourish your life whether any of it stays or goes.

Not the End.

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