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The Mountain

Live-Laugh-Love-Metal-Wall-Art-Decor-1129416851503-320x100That proverbial mountain you’re staring at and don’t know if you can climb it. Start by realizing mountains will move for you.

A personal experience, no time frame, just written; I spent years pining and overthinking and not being sure of my own abilities, even though I began realizing my potentials. I am or, at least, was a worrier – not so sure if that’s true anymore.  I would spend a lot of time thinking about things before I did or I would impulsively rush into it because I didn’t want to shrink away when my own thoughts convinced me I might fail. Recently, in my 40s, I’ve “taken the bull by the horns”, so to speak. I quickly realized how much time I’d wasted thinking instead of doing. As one of those “socially inept / awkward / whatever else people call it”, it woke me up when I completed my first steps.

So, that mountain you keep staring at and worrying about, if you’ll make it, or if you’ll be able to, or if you’ll do ok, or if (insert additional overthinking and worrying here – you know the ones) – put one foot on the edge of it and then the other foot and start walking. Don’t be afraid to use your hands either. That’s why you have them.

But what I do realizing is that as you begin to climb, the mountain starts shrinking and you start moving higher until the entire mountain is under your feet. Take one step toward your mountain today, whether it be a goal, business, job, or other. Don’t be ashamed to ask someone you trust for help, if you need that additional boost. Any way you can, you begin.

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