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The Matter of Truth

It is written; the truth shall set you free. In more ways than one, to be honest. It is always in your best interest, to tell the truth, as you remember it, at all times. Who you give the truth to is subjective. That way you’re in the clear and have nothing else to say about the topic. Silence being one form of truth that can literally be taken any which way.

The best thing about the truth is that it is neither your responsibility nor business what the person hearing the truth believes or takes from it. If they ask for the truth, how they react isn’t yours either.

You can make it yours if you want to – your business your responsibility. That’s up to you. It’s best to leave the truth in the ears you think deserve it (“just gonna leave that right here sort a thing” *cheeky-ish smile*).

That’s the truth about truth and the beauty of it

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