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The Faithful Promises

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The children of God call on Him because we know He is faithful. So we become full of faith when we come to the understanding of whom we’re dealing with. We know that if we ask for anything in the Spirit of Jesus, then it will be done, according to the will of God. This is because we know, from our examination of history and its events, and the life we come to live in Christ that God is faithful to His word; today as He was at the first generation. Through the refining fire, we know that God is present and will never leave us. We know also that as soon as we call God is answering, and if we only call to Him from the heart he will move mountains to get our attention when he answers, if we don’t understand Him.

The promise Jesus makes to our generations in John 15: 5-8 to “abide in him and he will abide in us” is a faithful promise. This is why we can freely call to him. All to Jesus is a faithful saying that explains everything we need to know about God’s promise. If we live in Jesus and His words live in us, we have full access to God, through Jesus and speak directly to Him in prayer, from our hearts, the praise he puts in our hearts, and the worries and myriad thoughts we have throughout our days. By believing this and going to Jesus, God is glorified because he performs works in us to give us a new heart and mind even while we are unsure of what’s happening; because the Spirit is always at work in us.

Faithful is Jehovah to the promises that He has kept to us. A man can languish in life searching the heights, feeling cast out, and coming to realize God wipes away the sins if we answer when he calls. When we call out to Jesus and begin to live, we realize that long before we even understand He’s been calling to us, Jesus has been speaking the truth, trying to get us to pay attention.

It is in this understanding of the faithfulness of God we realize that turning to God and asking Him to hear our petitions and prayers, is the right thing to do. The problems we face in life would have us believe that we’re not good enough to pray or that God doesn’t care about our situation. A lie that many of us live with. If we begin to pray in earnest we realize it’s a lie quickly, because before we’re finished praying the Lord is answering – we only need to pay attention to the answers by holding in memory what we prayed for and praying again if you are moved to do so.

The faithfulness of God will bring healing and knowledge; where we may feel lonely we will come to know that we are never alone; we will never go without; never have to rely on anyone but the mercy of God; there is love (true love like God’s love) in those He brings into our lives; and that there is healing in the prayers you send up and the meditation and thoughts of your heart – centered in Him during your days. Life in God’s faithful love is unrivaled by any other experience we will ever have and will humble any situation we’re dealing with.

The most beautiful experience of turning to God is being guided by the Spirit through this same Jesus Christ to the true will of His Father. When we apply ourselves to learn from Him by opening the Bible and reading, page by page – applying ourselves to studying it like we do our books and curriculum, we begin to open knowledge and seeds planted in our hearts long ago. God gave this word through the prophet Jeremiah in Chapter 31: 33-35 that he would “write His laws on our hearts and minds” and we would no longer have to rely on our neighbors (anyone) to teach us. Matthew 23:8 sums this faithful truth up when Jesus says “call no man teacher, for you have one teacher, Christ.”

The faithful promise reveals the truth when we turn to God’s word to study it, and the words of the teacher make themselves manifest in our hearts. As we apply to further study, making the Bible our favorite book and the search of the knowledge of God our ambition; the truth begins to open in our hearts and to blossom beautifully in our minds. Jesus promises that if we let these words live in us it will be hard to stumble; a faithful promise – He takes our anxieties and worries and gives us peace, our aptitude for sin is turned to praises and thanksgiving, the knowledge we build become expanding truths Jesus reveals to us about the world around us. And it is just the beginning. Because everything we ever believed we were looking for will be revealed by the faithfulness of God’s promise and our acceptance of the words He planted in our hearts when He forms us in the womb.

Faithful is the word of God to His promises and to everyone born on this world. We only lose when we don’t turn to Jesus to receive what He promised us. As the promise of God, Jesus was faithful unto the life and death and rising to become the salvation of all who believe in Him and the promises of God. When we believe in Jesus and turn to Him, we are then given the same benefit Abraham received in our belief being credited to us as righteousness. We are given the righteousness of God. And all to Jesus takes on a meaning we can’t even begin to fathom until it begins to truly make sense.

So how can one witness and experience the faithfulness of God? Turn to Him. Pray to Him. Believe in Jesus and put your worries and thoughts in prayer. Use it as meditation if it helps you. According to your belief it will be done for you as you asked. More importantly, you will be starting on a walk that can, if you are willing, afford you the rich blessings God promised to us through eternal life in Jesus.

Personally, I believe God’s faithfulness is a blessing everyone ought to experience. Not because we deserve it, but because God deserves it. You can only understand the meaning of that if you choose to let the testimony of God and the testimony of Jesus convict you through the Holy Spirit and come to confession and repentance of your sins in prayer. It is as personal as it is wonderful. There you will find love and there you will see Jesus waiting to comfort you.

Open the book. Open the book with a friend. Continue past the point of guilt and inadequate feelings to the point where you ask Jesus to help you understand what you’re reading; better if you pray and ask Him to help you understand before you begin. Jesus is faithful and will come and help you in the study and the reading of the testimony of the Righteous One and His Son.

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