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Successful Life Calling You?

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How do you measure success and what do you use as motivation toward it?

I will succeed because the God who lives in me cannot fail! I say this to myself often, especially in the moments I feel myself sloshing in self doubt or the pull of vanity successes. My mantra in life is, to live a successful life is to live for Jesus Christ (Colosians 3:17). That wasn’t always the case. I used to follow and ad-hoc every piece of positivism I saw in my yester-years without full understanding, but I wanted success that society said was the epitome. But I discovered that success is not what we believe it is and reeled, and then wrote a book; audaciously, I didn’t include God anywhere in that book. But the Lord called to me several years later and I answered. Things went haywire for a while because I kept trying my own things, and then… Success hit me.

What I have discovered is that a life led by Jesus Christ and lived on the premise of love, is the life that true success lives with, because the God we serve cannot fail. Success in accepting the peace of Christ, in believing in him and having faith that the things we desire, in keeping with the will of God, will be done (John 14:1); this is success without blemish. Accept Jesus and let your heart be moved to the will of God and no self doubt or any other doubt will be able to deny you anything (Matthew 18:19). Once you see the truth you cannot un-see the truth. What does success look like? Faith in God whose word will not return to Him empty (Isaiah 55:11).

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Thank you for showing me a better way and a better life. In this life the things I want are far above the things I used to desire. Thank you for calling me to a Kingdom where Jesus is the only king and God is the great King. In this Kingdom built on the rock I cannot fail because I am guided by your Holy Spirit in love and your commands, and by them your servant is gratefully kept on the path of eternal life. Lord though I am not perfect, I know that you are, and it is your grace and your righteousness I live by and that is enough for me. This prayer of thanks I offer in the name of Jesus Christ.

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