Start by Looking Within For Your Thing

The books you read didn’t write themselves. They came from the inner mind of someone much like you and I. Great discoveries too, scientific or otherwise didn’t just materialize out of nowhere (don’t quote me on that). They came from someone who had an idea that something could be done and wanted to know for sure. In fact, every law, every building, every piece of prepped food you ate came from inside someone’s head… Sound simple and cynical to you doesn’t it?

In today’s medical and Psychological field, doctors and councilors are trained to begin diagnosing the patient rather than the problem (No I’m not in either field, just a Joe irregular). That is, they ask questions of their patients and listen carefully to what is being said, taking that information and, first, looking at viable ailments they’ve seen that matches the description they get from the patient. Then they examine said patient.

It is an intriguing change to how things are done with all the information available today. Nearly all of it, problems or otherwise, points back to individuals rather than anything outward. Most importantly, a lot of the information we gorge on is information we find we had been using or learned somewhere along the lines or passed up because we questioned intuitive suggestions (you have plenty of those trust me).

That’s not to say we shouldn’t consult with or listen to “experts”; doctors, counselors, psychologists, or other professionals who have taken the time to fine-tune the craft they are best at. Consulting experts can literally save your life in some cases.

In other cases by beginning your journey or questions at your inner mind, you could help the experts figure out the best way forward. In some cases too, this is necessary to save your life.

Similarly, a lot of the time you could become the expert with repetitive action while taking appropriate actions over time. It is not all in the books, trust me.

By putting this on the web I am in no way endorsing severing needed counseling or saying you should not ask questions. What I am saying is look inside first. The answers are almost always there and no one knows you or the situation you’re in more than you do. By answering your questions and refining them, most times you need to consult with an expert will be to validate what you already knew in order to take action. In doing so you could become an anchor or a go to person because of your own experiences in certain topics or matters.

Personally, I tend to take the time to figure things out and have no problem asking questions if someone I think can answer, is within earshot. I’ll even admit to being that guy who asks too many questions (although rare it happens). And most people I’ve seen accomplish some improbable things started by looking at what they wanted and asking themselves important questions. Then they did the research to confirm or fortify or even upgrade their knowledge on the topic.

But all learning, information, quests, or inquests should begin with and lead back to you. All information you gather should be sifted against what you know and what you feel in order to confirm what you’re reading or being fed. How else are you going to learn from your ‘how to’ books and videos if you don’t consult yourself in the process?

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