Sometimes it is Necessary to get Backup

A recent conversation brought up a great topic. “People in the Caribbean rarely seek counseling”. It is true. Outside of the Americas, counseling, mental health issues, depression are all things folk there don’t really discuss. You don’t bring up counselor, unless you want to hear what to do with yourself, not in the best terms either.

People in general rarely want to. It is admitting to something being wrong. That was the broader picture of the conversation. It did make me think about what I’ve been posting here.

But anyone who wants control of their lives, know that sometimes they need to sit down and have things explained from an experienced perspective. Every now and again even the best among us need that extra ear.

Long ago, our elders or the medicine man would be the ones we turn to. They would sit, listen, advise, and help along the way where they thought they should. Sometimes you would get that potion that would fix everything. In today’s society they have licensed professionals who are trained to listen. They still have potions.

And when you are playing life and playing to win, sometimes you just need someone who is going to listen and advise from an objective chair without the judgment or opinion friends would provide. While I’m not advocating for or against mental care. There are times we just need to take that seat.

Is that a discussion you’ve ever had and how did you feel about it?

What did you think

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