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We all have a story to tell. If you think yours can inspire others and would like to share it continue reading or get in touch using our contact page and tell us about your inspiring story.

Share your story on Spiritseid

We all have a story to tell. Some of us blog about it while others love to read the blogs we write about it, to share with the world. Spiritseid offers a place for folk to share their stories and read to find that spark that helps you feel a little better about your own situations. We are also working on a podcast to give you more options to share your story or find motivation from similar stories. So, whether you stumbled upon us to read, write, or looking for a place to share a story, consider sharing with us.

Who can share stories to Spiritseid

Readers, writers, and bloggers are welcome to share their stories. We offer several ways you use to share your story with us. We can do an interview and write-up for anyone who wants their story on Spiritseid but don’t know how to write it. If you are a writer or blogger and your story is inspiring we can offer you a guest post slot. The guest post slot offers you credit for your story and allows you to share a link to your blog or uplifting content. We can offer a guest blog spot to aspiring bloggers who do not have a platform to blog yet. It doesn’t have to be pretty, the writing or the story, I just ask that your story fits what you read.

Who owns the rights to the story

Spiritseid holds the rights to anything that appears on our platform, as expressed upon agreement by you signing to share your story. You retain 100% rights to your story and can request it to be removed at any time. You will agree that print versions are exempt from removal requests as they are physical prints that cost us to produce them. Upon agreeing to post your story, we will include a contract asking your permission to include your story in an annual print magazine starting in 2021 / 2022. This contract offers you two choices; agree or decline print version. You are entitled to up to five free print copy during any year you share your story on Spiritseid if you sgree to allow us to use your story in our annual print version, regardless of whether your story is included in the annual magazine or not.

Rights for guest bloggers

Rights for bloggers who sign onto a guest spot with Spiritseid will be subject to contract that guarantees certain rights for the story you share with us.

What qualifies a story for Spiritsied?

The story MUST be about you. The story MUST be real. The only name(s) I will use are the people I personally speak to and can include others, but their names will be left out of the post. The story should be uplifting, even if it is an ongoing saga for you. We DO NOT do political stories, smears, anything against the law and the testimony. We reserve the right to refuse any story for any reason.

How do you get your story told

Send a brief summary of your story by using our contact page. Include name, topic and at least a 100 word description of your story, best way to contact you, and the way you want your story told (whether in an interview, podcast interview, guest post, etc.). If the story is approved, we’ll send an follow up email and request a time to speak about your story. During that time we will discuss posting medium and other details about sharing your story. We will also ask you to sign a contract allowing us the potential of including your story in our annual print magazine starting in 2021, or deny the annual print inclusion. If you publish with us you will receive a print copy for free each active year. If you have links to a personal blog we will include with your story.


We do not sell or publish any of your personal details you do not include. We do not sell your personal information to third party marketers. We do not collect your information for marketing purposes. Posting your story does not require you to subscribe to Spiritseid. To receive new post notifications or newsletters by email, you must be subscribed to Spiritseid by email.


We welcome collaborations. If you have ideas or a column you want to write but do not have a blog of your own, use the contact page and let’s talk. If you have a blog and want to do blog exchanges from time to time speak Spiritseid welcomes you.

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