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Saved: The Beauty of The Word

Being saved is a simple act that doesn’t have a cost associated. If you add a cost then you have lost the meaning of the gift of God’s grace. It is meant to be simple without having to guess or go through paces that could be corrupted. A double-edged sword that could bewilder those who live for elaborate experiences; impossible for anyone who needs an exorbitant price-tag to enjoy the life-altering experience – a boon for the one who wants to understand God and His love; yet so simple a child could understand the way.

How to be saved

Being saved only requires believing in Jesus Christ as the son of God. Confess with your mouth that Jesus of Nazareth is Lord and savior and you shall be saved. Then go and be baptized in this same Jesus’ name.

All of the work of being saved has already been done by this same Jesus and God, his Father, who has said “I will not give my glory to another or my praise to worthless idols”.  All you have to do is accept Jesus, believe his message, confess your belief with your lips, and be baptized into his name. If anyone adds another requirement that is on them. If you choose to accept an added requirement that is on you.

So why be Good

It is simple. It is beautiful when taken in to context and understood. And your salvation has no cost other than your belief in Jesus as the son of God and the Anointed Messiah. To submit to Christ and to be a good human, that is to avoid the punishment that we will all face at the time of judgment. Show mercy and you will be given mercy. Show love and you will be given love. Judge and you will be judged for your own acts in life.

Choose how you live wisely

The same way you live toward others, the same way you will be judged at the time of Jesus’ coming. “A good measure, pressed down, shaken together” as it is written. “For with the same measure you use, so will it be measured back to you also”. Living a good life is highly beneficial. The closer we grow to God and his likeness through His Spirit, the more we will understand why. The beauty of which is God’s offer of salvation and the requirement for attaining it.

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