Regret as a useful asset

Consider the thing you regret the most while reading this.

Regret is an inevitable part of the way society is built. It is often a painful part, one some of us are often overwhelmed by. And while those who don’t understand your particular regret often begin trying to help with the often used, “get over it” or any of its sibling statements. We realize it doesn’t help, often times they realize it much too late, if at all. But regret can be a useful tool to us. I’ll make this short, didn’t think it would be this long.

Begin by assessing the thing you regret. One at a time, you don’t want to drown. What you may learn is that using a single regret this way may help you heal the others. But it helps to look at why you have this regret without asking anyone’s opinion, if at all possible. If you must ask someone’s opinion on the matter find someone you know you can trust for the unbiased truth.

Once you’ve reflected on your regret enough start looking at the things you have in your life in place of it. From the greatest to the most insignificant thing. Then begin asking yourself what you can use anything you have, for. Do this every time you remember to ask yourself that question, about that thing(s) you have in your life. The best question is; how can I use (whatever it is you have) to BEGIN to work to get what I want? (It varies by – culture, desire, and you). Remember, once you have your question, ask it every chance you remember to.

What will begin to happen, maybe even without you noticing it happening, is that your mind will being to work on ways to use what you have. Once you start seeing the way begin by taking little steps. Cautious steps at first to get comfortable with your new direction and new use of your regret (asset). In time those little actions will become, not only workable actions or solutions, but may all together erase your regret and may even turn them into something valuable. Really depends on what you want and how you allow your mind to adjust.

It takes time, effort, and patience. It is not going to happen overnight. Regret is a habit we have fallen into due to our living conditions. But every habit we develop started because of something we may not even recognize. Every habit can be reconditioned to help us.

Don’t understand a part or any of it? Don’t be ashamed to ask a question. The Inbox is there if you don’t want your question shared with anyone. Peace and Love always.

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