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Paving the way To Your Renewal

Humans have been saying forever that doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result, is madness. But I think anyone who says that misses the point; every opportunity to do something is attempting renewal no matter how many attempts it takes. It is also an opportunity to exercise your faith in your ability to get whatever it may be, done. It is almost like judging someone and telling them to quit and just give up because they’re not good enough. Insanity then, seems like a better option because it is only by doing something multiple times we ever get it right – and don’t forget, even science changes its theories and outcomes to fit the newest developments (gawk – yeah I said it :p).

Let’s start with this – every opportunity is a chance to renew. It’s true. Each opportunity we have to do something, first, means we still have breath in our lungs and can talk all the smack back to whatever or, WHOMEVER (usually this one) is telling you to quit. I once had someone tell me point blank, that I should listen to his advice and do what he said, in essence, because I’d screwed up my life and his life was “great” (can’t remember the exact word so there). Probably was trying to say something else but got frustrated because I wasn’t falling in line. My response, as always when I don’t know how to respond to something, was a blank, passive stare that always says, “wow, talk shit, see if I do anything that way”. That, I now understand, was my first step toward renewal.

Renewal takes repeating what it is you’re trying to get right no matter what people say, no matter who curses you or how they curse you. Keep quiet. Keep listening to your inner voice, the one telling you to do what is right (heavily medicate that other inner voice telling you to harm anyone), according to how you wish to renew you; your way of thinking, your way of acting.

It is here the Spirit speaks to you because of your insistence on doing something. This is where the Holiest of Spirits comes to help you, guiding your footsteps in the right direction and setting you up to succeed where others have begun to write you off. This is where the Holy Spirit captures your attention and begins to show you that even those who curse you do not understand the transformation that you are going through. And it is at this place you have to fight off the insults and insinuations and lectures (mostly highly ineffective opinions) of other people to get to your renewal.

Spiritually, your renewal takes place when you start asking God the questions you want answers to, especially when he is the one putting the steps in your head and leading you, and waiting. No one will be able to answer the questions you have because they will have their doubts and fears about what you say. That is why all renewal is as personal as your prayers and outcomes. Now, if you pay attention carefully to the questions that were asked during your madness and how the answers were presented, you will understand what I mean by the Holy Spirit guiding you during your renewal. Spiritually, the trick is in the waiting.

Often we try to rush ahead and start the process without waiting for the actions to take shape in our minds. Seems like madness when we’re busy chipping at a hard rock that won’t budge. But, something I see while reading the Bible interests me. God says, it takes a while, then he does what he says. Imitating that action will yield great results. And it is in the waiting that God shows you the things that will allow you to mitigate whatever circumstances you face. It is also in the waiting we learn to trust that what we want to do, God has already set things in place and all we need to do is follow the nuggets until we see the trail. All of this comes from the waiting, the taking a break, the stopping to pay attention. Just stop! Do nothing! Wait. Yeah, I get impatient myself. But I have learned that sometimes it is better to just stop everything (Not like you’ll read that advice in any other post or anything).

No, when you see it and when you learn to – give thanks continually because God takes pride in the work of art that he is crafting in you, plus he digs that stuff. He especially takes pride when you take up your part of the renewal and do the things you are meant to do, and it will be pride you can feel, if you pay attention (Take up your cross and follow me daily, comes to mind here).

Truth is, our renewal is what God hopes for, daily. So whatever it is you’re renewing or doing keep at it no matter what anyone says. Someone believes in you and wants you to believe in and on Him so that you will enjoy the fruits of your labor. But keep in mind that renewal takes repeated action/s and repeat thoughts, in order to perfect whatever it is you have in mind. So, go crazy and repeat until you are renewed in mind, body, and spirit. I for one never thought I would hear myself say do the same thing again and again, but, that is what is necessary to renew yourself.

Welp, enough blubbering. What are your thoughts on renewals?

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