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OM: Original Manhood inspired by the Lessons of Matthew 5-7

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When mercy in our eyes is better than looking right

When we can move on even though the insult is hot

When we can simmer and hold the hands of the spike

Lift up our enemy so he/she has a chance to shine

We know in this moment We are God’s children

For Blessed are the peacemakers, who are called the children of God

When we can look at the rage spilling over the brim in our direction

Without casting a single stone, instead calling for conciliation

When we have our enemy by the gills and choose to pick him/her up

Without adding a single bruise to their ego

We know in that moment that God called us to have better vision

For in this we show that we can be holy as our Father is Holy

When we have nothing left to give but find bread to give a hungry brother

When our souls aches for relief within us

When we are still asked to provide for someone shelter

We know that God has called us to overcome in the Lamb of salvation

For we have inherited the Kingdom of Heaven

When we can crush a mountain but cry out instead

When rather than puff our chest and flex we would prefer to mourn in peace

When we could have it all but hunger for righteousness

When we choose mercy even at our basest moment of temptation

Blessed are you because the Lord himself will comfort you

The book of Matthew Chapter 5-7 presents some powerful arguments

For a living soul seeking peace to seek a tender heart

Like the Lord, our Lord has

Poetry of the type of heart the Lord seeks from his children.

Bold in action, strong in the Spirit,

To act with a sort of might that would not crush even the ant.

True strength is observed as having the power to crush a mountain,

And yet willing to exert only so much power

As to pick a flower without breaking a petal

A man who chooses the way of God instead of might

Is a man in the presence of the Son of God at all times

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