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Ode to The Humbling Presence of Jesus in reverent Free Verse

Oh that I could sing your witness

To offer up your praise to this generation in musing tempo

All of all, the beauty of your holiness to look forward to

One little trumpet blaring you praises, telling words of your goodness

That if any should seek true wisdom

They would see and come seek and acknowledge you

Let me tell of your faithfulness in a bonded lyric brand new

Of how you have raised dry bones from beneath dust and dew

Gave to this wretched man kindness instead of his due

Gifted with a spirit of praise and reverence – a remade mind

With eyes that see no shadows in the night

All day long am I surrounded by your light

My heart hums a joyful tune in the presence

So that my heart and my ears are fully attuned to your word

Let the lookers in awe wonder

All who hear it turn and consider

In less than a day you called to a hapless sinner

And in that day made a frightened heart a praiser

Oh that I could share what you manifest in my heart

Opening it wide to any willing to look and listen to it

That they may taste the bread and meat on which my heart feasts

In your guidance counseling me to eat

So I become fat and sleek on the bread of the Ancient

So those who see know that you stand calling humanity to your presence

Who would listen, oh Lord, if I should sing

Who would understand the words my heart is singing

As the exalting praise like hymns

Who am I, Oh Lord, but one little man

An unworthy of the unworthies allowed to belong

Within the shadow of your wings

How those alighted in the generations

How their hearts must have lightened and cried aloud

With joy, lit joy, at the proof of knowledge of your coming salvation

Now I see and cannot go back to sleep again

Because I seek you and desire for you to tell me the story

As I now begin to see your glory

How loud is my laughter when I am overcome by the waters plenty

All them wiser than I and in full view to douse me

If I were to call to you with my heart beaten and defenseless

I will find contentment in the loving assurance of the one who defends this

Your comforting presence strengthening and renewing me

My soul yearns to sing of how I feel like a new thing

Learning of the things of life at the foot of Heaven

Of the amazing grace I received from the Risen

When you called to me and guided me directly to him

What a time, what a sight to confirm

What a shock when I finally understood what I did hear

To confirm that you, oh Lord, are never far

And in the span of a time answered all of my questions

showing me the hope and the life I could have by your salvation

Let me boast of your goodness just one time

In prose, in song, with words sounding out joy line by line

Let me use this talent that you have allotted for me

The same I used to flirt with long-winded old wives tales

Now, my Lord let me put them to your service

To tell of your goodness

Of your kind gift

To which I am now privy to uplift

Oh how I wish I could boast of good works that earned me this

But I can proclaim only your faithfulness

A lost son was I in fullness

One of the ones you left the ninety-nine to come and address

With a promise I know for sure will not fail

Even if I should fall, your word my God, to me is faithful

The generations who prophesied of your unfailing love knew it

So to I, you gave this precious thing


You broke, you shattered my bond to sin

As I now cling to your deep love I understand the reality of the living

Lord how in the world could an unworthy servant redeemed remain silent

I did nothing I can boast of to draw your attention

But out of the dark, my Lord called to me to my delight

Had I realized then what I’d been called to, not a day would have been wasted

Not a moment in doubt and anxt and backsliding

But your love and patient ways kept me forward marching

Advising me, searching me, counseling me to test and see

And so, I searched out my depths to see it really happening

I asked for faith and you put me through the paces and corrected my steps

Peace and you silenced my doubts in your enduring presence

Wealth, and you confirmed your presence is my great great reward

Should I not then want to shout of all that my Lord Jesus has done

That you are willing to show your glory to the undeserving

To display the glory of all ages standing at the edges of the world calling

To me, Oh Lord, you gave a testimony

To me, simple me, a victory

Taught me to calm and pray and just believe

My heart, you filled with understanding of Holy things

My soul you filled with the purity of wisdom

My anxious steps you made a little more bold

My eyes allowed to dance in delight at redemption unfolding

And now full understanding of why our joy will be complete

Because our Lord, the Lord sits calling from the mercy seat

When I see a shadow of death you remind me of your peace

To look, keep watch north to east

Our eyes will soon behold the glory of the risen King

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