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Spiritseid offers non-secular news pertaining to the Kingdom of God and Jesus Christ. Our news offerings will feature accurate non-denominational news.

Gospel in The News

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The Plain Truth

The truth of life is simple. God who is love, God created, His creation fell and was dying, so God came to die in place of His creation, so we could live. The love, generosity, power, and grace of God is beyond anything we can understand. Yet what He gives us to eat is the […]

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Take Me To The Water

Take me to the water Not to us, Lord, not to us but to your name be the glory, because of your love and faithfulness, Psalms 115 begins. One reminder that the Lord covered the cost of our sin and shame by the blood of Jesus Christ His Son. If there is any doubt about […]

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Coming to Jesus Christ

Coming to Jesus can be as simple as knowing that we can because he is there for us and will not turn us away or turn his back on us. Coming to Jesus can also be difficult if we have questions about how or even if God will give us the time of day. Be […]

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