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My Journey From Enlightenment of Faith

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The most beautiful thing anyone will ever do in search of enlightenment is submit themselves to God, to consume his words and wisdom. All it will take to know what I mean is to listen to the thoughts you have going to him, and paying attention to the thoughts you gain after you have spent time applying yourself to learning from him, his perfect knowledge. The delightful feeling I have washing over me in the mornings and in the evenings, upon realizing the wonderful work the Lord is doing inside of me is unimaginable; yet I know that this is only the beginning of enlightenment with much to learn. Of all the tinkerings and things I’ve searched out and written, the reality I am left with; God is magnificent and awesome!

The feeling is Jesus, in Matthew’s 11: 28-29 calling out “Come all you who are heavy laden, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you, and learn from me; for I am meek and lowly in heart and you shall find rest for your souls”. I can promise you that is a promise worth exploring; not one syllable has been wasted since I decided to apply my heart to the education I found with him. If you ever want to know what a pure heart feels, or a clean mind considers; exploring the Lord and knowing him is a journey your soul will give thanks for.

The Lord is Proverbs 1:20’s wisdom in the open square shouting “Turn at my rebuke; Surely, I will pour out my Spirit on you; I will make my words known to you.” There is no joy greater than knowing that God is there with you, teaching you what you desire to know and opening the doors of your heart to the words he left for us to consume. Knowing. There is no wisdom aside from the wisdom one will learn from the Lord of Lords. The beauty of the Holiness you find will compel you to testify for him even if you want to remain silent and hidden in the shade of his light. The freedom is like fragrant incense. A glory that outshines the very stars He put in place to light existence. God is the refuge where you can fall back and learn in silence in the presence of Angels and the Messiah. Selah!

The quickening of the mind in the presence of God is the 119:105 Psalmists’ “lamp unto your feet and a light for your path” every day that you apply yourself, should you choose to remain in the Lord, in truth and in spirit your path, your praise, will shine before you and your light will shine bright as the stars. In this is the deliverance God promised through the Holy and Anointed according to the free grace He gave to all mankind, through His Son Jesus. When you realize what’s happening, you will understand what the prophets spoke when they said through the Spirit “your joy will be complete.”

There is a beautiful and unchained joy in the realization that God answers the unworthy. His patience is unmatched by the kindest teacher from your days. His goodness is more meticulous than anything you will ever experience in life. This God, this Lord Almighty who is from the beginning is everything the prophets, the elders, and the wise men have testified to. When I look back and I hear in the corners of my memory and see the hands of the old sages as they holler “GLORY!” in the assemblies I have been blessed to step foot in, I now understand why. I found out how wise they were when I began to apply myself I saw the beauty of God and His Anointed.

Now there is no reasoning, nothing to argue, nothing to speculate; you believe or you don’t. But it is better to apply your whole heart to learning from him before you decide. Even the things I once thought were important are now useless to pursue. My ambition has become the righteousness of the Lord Almighty. My goal is to shine in his image. I was never so happy to lose a built up identity in order to know who I am. I now know who I belong to and where I belong – I would give up everything for this enlightenment of my faith in Jesus and our Father. He is beyond that good!

My true journey began the day he called me after I had worn myself out chasing knowledge and fame. All I had were memories, prayers, and an empty feeling in the pit of my gut. But he said “come home, search me”. That empty feeling is not for you. The enlightenment of the world is not going to last. The feeling of having nothing, even surrounded by things you believe should make you happy, but don’t – search out the scriptures and call out to God and ask him to help you understand. Bring your heart heart, He will answer and your joy will be complete with the healing and learning he imparts.

May God light your path on your journey to enlightenment.

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