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The motivation of every artist is the piece in front of her or him

In thanking God, for the talent to do their thing

Sets down the foundation, like – one-two, let’s begin

The work starts working the artist up to a lather and then really begins

With nary a keen ding a ding to box them in

The work is supposed to be one of those resplendent things

Yes, you will read it to the end

It wasn’t shocking when your eyes touched it

They sighed

Then they smiled

Decided this is sort a pleasant surprise

Almost weaving in the melodious madness settling in

The taste of each word nibbles slightly on your attention span

It’s okish, so, you’ll continue reading

While the artist thinks the work is being created

Not realizing the work is working them

But they’ll see it soon and that is when things take a turn for fun

It’s like your first time opening a book and going to the end

You thought you’d lose your mind when the pro almost got it

But they pulled through crafting a master of a piece

And you did read

Right up till the end of it

Where you leer at the cruelty of the artist

They take you to the climax and cut the work thin

You could grab your hair and scream

Because you have to read it, read it again

To make sure you didn’t miss a thing

That tells you if they’ll be making a second one

And knowing the work is going to leave you hanging

But if you keep looking you’ll find the meaning

Every good artist knows this

But that’s just the thing

For the artist there is one single motivation

The work isn’t finished until you finish reading

Motivate me like 3 AM when my body quit sleeping

Like six AM when you know work is gonna be calling

Or the brakes when you see a cop car and know you’re speeding

Like the first lure of a cheese steak after you went a year all vegan

The one you secretly devoured on a three minute plan

And still can’t find oil stains where you wiped that napkin

Push me like prayers in the early morning

When I wrap my head around walking in thirty degrees man

And say, God snow looks nicer with tropical sun shining

Me, I find joy and peace in this simple talent

Blessing God in thanks, crafting a happy feeling

Yeah, I feel it, I know my motivation

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