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Mask on & Stay Home a Little Longer

It is a strange phenomenon; folk drive up the side of a hill, turn the corner at the top, pull over with reckless abandon because they see the crest of the hill behind a park with benches and want to know what’s over the ledge of the park because of the trees and flowers at the top of the same hill. The newest news on coronavirus and its setbacks, losses, and mitigants sound a lot like that, and the behavior of people who refuse to live safely for other people’s sake, if not for their own.

Brothers and sisters in the Lord who shout that “the Lord will keep them safe” while out and about during the pandemic; He may be willing. But we also need to remember that during the drought of Elijah’s time, Elijah was affected by the drought and God told him where to go for relief He would send him. If Elijah had not gone to the place God prepared for him during the drought, despite being told to leave and go such and such a place, perhaps he would not have made it to the mountain to see God.

As we are seeing in places that defied better sense; the virus is now at their necks as it was at the necks of the people who took precautions early. Though some officials still refuse to set a good example, we should not refuse to keep our neighbors safe. And if you are one of the folk who refuse to keep yourself safe; stay far from people who are vulnerable so that their lives are not lost because of how you choose to live. Have a conscience. Understand that the mask wearing is not so much about you as it is stopping the flow of the virus. It is to protect people around you as well as to keep you from unwittingly contracting the virus from people around you. Wear a mask to comfort those around you, if for nothing. A little hot air is better than a hot forehead. Count it as your one good deed for the year, if you haven’t done any yet. In legman’s terms; the mask is to keep our breaths to ourselves and to cut any strain of the virus in the air down to near-zero. If we all do it for 30 good days; virus will likely die out because it has no tissue to infect.

By now even the most infantile people can understand that if they get sick, they may cause severe harm to older people or to people with weaker immune systems; though I suppose if you respect no one this fact won’t affect any part of your heart. You can’t see people dying, in bed, suffering, on ventilators and still think that because one bloat says it is a hoax, it’s not real. Use your own brain please, not people looking to use you for leverage that you will have no profit in.

For you religious folk running to courts, hollering let me go to church: Romans 14: 13-21 for you; please read the scripture you say you love so dearly. Don’t simply flip through the verses your pastors or elders hand you, study it. Do not endanger or agitate the communities you are a part of because you want to sit in the pews to look holy. If you have not read; it is written in Matthew 8:20; where two (2) or three (3) are gathered, there I am also; church is only a gathering of people. It is better to gather with your conscience than share in unconscionable worship. As a community we are to adhere to Christ, not “Christian buildings”. Christ did not tear down rules or laws but showed us how to live without needing to be reminded of them. Tearing down rules for religious benefit is not the way to love your neighbor as yourself or show faith – specifically the neighbors you know in your heart will be devastated if they become infected, specifically those you know are afraid of the virus and its effects. Consult Romans 14: 13-21 and judge for yourself. God desires mercy, peace, and justice before we come before Him. Don’t put your community in danger or ruffle feathers to rush to the pulpit. Do not do it.

Religious freedom doesn’t give us the right to cause harm in order to worship. It pleads with us to show restraint and to worship behind our doors where necessary. Consider what is written in Matthew 6: 5-13 – consider it carefully and apply it. God is no less with us when we gather in our homes than He is when we gather in the pews. And anyone who chooses to put their religious freedom, liberty, or what-have-you above the wellbeing of their community, is doing something worse than bowing to stick and stone idols and sacrificing people to them. Weigh it by scripture and judge for yourself.

Stick to the truth, not your emotions.

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