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Living Faith to Believe

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A prayer from the heart gives God every right to restore you, because God does not force anyone to accept his free grace; the free will he gave us at work. Living faith according to the word.

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Believe! There is power in positive thinking; the Lord loves an optimist who prays and believes the Lord will do what they ask Him to do (John 14:14). As an optimist whose faith in God has grown by witnessing the Lord answering my prayers and providing for me daily, out of His own loving kindness, I will liberally testify to the faithfulness of God to His word. I offer prayers in the name of Jesus, and the Lord does for me out of His own kindness.

The Lord answers prayers in ways we don’t think about. The perfect answers that make me look closer at what He gives before I realize what the Lord has done. These days I live with full confidence in the Lord’s ability and willingness to deliver from unrighteousness, dangers, and everything else we endure. The Lord has made me a man who turns to Him in the name of Jesus for everything without shame, and a growing confidence in patience while I wait. Living faith to know I only need to be patient. That word faith gives us power beyond reason, according to the kindness and love of the Lord.

The kindness of the Lord is without equal! I don’t know how many times I’ve heard pastors or people in Christ say things like that. To experience the goodness of God on a personal level is as different as it is wonderful. It is what God desires to do for everyone; to bring us to spiritual maturity in Christ so we know that even if we ask to be more like Jesus in prayer, the Lord will make us more like Jesus. We will only observe the changes in our behaviors and how people react to us as we live, somewhere along the line of reflection and observance we will understand for ourselves what the Lord did for us. Amen.

Jesus did say “Anything you ask for in my name I will do” in John 14:14. A sure promise from the God of heaven who had been saying it for generations. Jesus Christ is the proof and seal of those who believe. It is also written in Chronicles 16:9 “the eyes of the Lord run to and fro throughout the earth, to show himself strong on behalf of those whose heart is loyal to him.” A testimony of the Lord that is as sure today as when the words were first uttered. God left these words as a faith-building testimony for our generations, until the last person to accept salvation.

There are many reasons we offer up prayers to God. Some of us pray for healing, while some are under anxiety and stress, others pray because they have heard about the power of prayer and they want proof so they can have living faith in the Lord. In prayer God has the power to give us living faith to believe He will do anything we ask Him to do. When ask in the name of Jesus we can be sure it will be done because Jesus said it will be.

What about non-believers, are they exempt from praying to God and receiving what they ask for? By no means. The Lord would love for non-believers to prove Him by praying directly to Him, so they get to see His power for themselves and believe in Him, and confess the name of Jesus Christ and enter His salvation. It is written that Jesus said the Lord would celebrate more over one lost sinner who repents than He would over ninety-nine who stayed true to him, in the book of Luke 15:4-32 (deep reading). Prayer produces living faith, which produces the character of Christ in the one who believes. God hears the prayers of those who believe in him and watches over them to protect them from everything that could steal them from him. When non-believers begin to pray, God rolls up His sleeves for the rescue before they even finish. The last two I can testify to because they are who I was, and now am because of the goodness of the Lord.

A prayer from the heart gives God every right to restore you, because God does not force anyone to accept his free grace; the free will he gave us at work. Living faith according to the word. When you pray from the heart, God listens and examines and then acts on your intentions to accept Him. And Jesus says best what happens next “This was the Lord’s doing, and it is marvelous in our eyes” (psalms118:23 & Mark 12:11).

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