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Learning More About You Under Quarantine

It may sound like a gross thing to say, but this is one of the best things that could have happened to us. A chance to reset & sit & reflect. As I listen to the updates & updates & speculations & blame throwing & gas-lighting & blatant expressions of racism & idiocy – I have come to realize one important thing. We have a chance to celebrate a year of freedom and a year of doing good & a year of learning & a year of honoring God.

As bad as thing seem to be; gaseous speculative noises aside. We have a chance to learn and to adapt to a way of looking at the positive impact of the things that happen to us; Animals have had a chance to stretch their legs & spread their wings without fear of human aggression. Violent acts have tapered to almost nothing on every continent, well; except for the ignorant views against the people who are suffering from the effects of the coronavirus. We are seeing people actually working in unison to try and solve a crisis… together without the typical segragative, (pseudo-inclusive) attitude that is still prevalent in everything washed, all-be-it a few idiots who want to throw wrenches into the cogwheel.

Here, I finally decided to turn a free blog into a free magazine-ish, can’t call it a magazine yet because I’m pretty much the only contributor. So, it is an ish, for now. I have learned that I can freely use & to shorten my long-winded blogs by a few scratches. Might even create me a whole new language. I even learned how to make pictures and colorize them. Folks, there is plenty to do while locked in for quarantine.

In all seriousness this virus and this time should serve as a reminder that we have a remedy. As I write I consider one very important aspect of the Bible often missed. When Hezekia destroyed the bronze snake Moses had made to heal the Israelites who were bitten by snakes in the desert, he did so because after Moses died they started worshiping the bronze serpent. But that was not the sin that kept God silent because even then He swept the sins of the ancestors far from them. They didn’t call on God. And he, in turn, stayed silent while they tussled with their misery and pain, quite content to grumble and look at sticks and stones and pieces of metal flung together.

When we’re in pain it’s easy to forget that we have a healer who told us plainly, if we ask for anything in his name God give it to us. In fact, we forget that our healer went back to tell the elders that all authority in Heaven and on Earth had been given to him (Read the book of Matthew).

Pray for your healing if you are affected and listen to the people doing their best to take care of you. Give the people who don’t yet believe a chance to stay safe by keeping yourself safe. And pray for the healing of the nations and yourself, if you get sick. The serpent, in any form shape or trademarked color will only be able to do what they can. We’re all human. But, trust in God for the healing we all need. But pray that as many as will listen will incline their ears to the call of God because our light can provide oil for the lamps of those who wish to climb out of darkness and suffering.

Writing more soon. Bless-up!

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