If you can’t lead yourself no one can lead you. It is a fact of leadership, it starts with you being able to give and take direction and follow through on them – most importantly, being able to understand when you’re needed and when you’re not

Leadership is an innate part of our psyche. Leaders are not made, lesdership is not taught but can be developed in all human beings. You are born a leader- the type of leadership depends on you.

Often mistaken for bossy – being a boss, management – it is none of those, though, some managers have learned to be good leaders.

What sets a leader apart is the ability to remove one’s self, one’s objectives, ones fears and reservation from a situation in order for those involved to be able to do their part.

The personal aspect of leadership is the self-decisive nature of the individual – not needing help in making a decision and taking action, but being willing to accept help in order to move projects to completion in a manner that meets the expectations of all involved.

On a much more personal level; leaders take responsibility for their own shortcomings and are willing to adjust where necessary to fit into an already existing system without causing undue harm.

And most most important – leaders are teachers and builders. Not destroyers.

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