humbling the warrior

Humbling The Warrior Spirit

Fight they say! Fight! Stay strong! But it was the day I admitted I was not strong enough that Jesus lent me His strength so I could stand against my accuser, against the warrior doing its best to destroy me. Me. That was the day I reflected deeply and I saw everything I had been through and the madness driving me to further dedicate my life to the evil spirits trying to flaunt my life and the talents God gave me to speak the word of Jesus to any who will listen. The very thing we do our best to educate away. Spirits. But the truth is always present.

But I learned true warriors understands the principles that God loves; in peace we remain and allow Jesus to do the fighting, because he knows what the attack is, therefore it is better to keep to the peace that Jesus allows, like Stephen – Acts 7:60 – bless them that curse you; In prayer the Lord Himself is with you, the Holy Spirit speaking Truth to the words you are trying to speak, evil will not touch you here unless you give it permission; inside a heart full of the mediation on the word of God is the light of Jesus shining; In still silence we observe the presence of the Lord, our Immanuel, our great and faithful reward who instills peace in everything we do; in our moments of thanksgiving we are prepared to receive full confidence in Jesus, more than we can ever ask for; and in laying down our life Jesus is able to become who we are to make us more like Him before God.

The short and skinny; trust the Lord with everything, lay everything down and admit you are too weak to fight and humble who you have become. Admit you have no righteousness so that Jesus will fill you with the righteousness of God; if you do not understand, even about your own sins, and ask for understanding, His will, will be done and this is a beautiful thing. Ask for wisdom and you will be quickened. Ask for the Holy Spirit and life will open up to you in ways that make you question why you ever did anything else. Accept what Jesus gives you and a beautiful thing will begin in your heart that will sweep through your mind Ephesians 4:23

Life is interesting; it presents you with every opportunity for good or evil, life or death. But our added pieces; chasing after fantasies and folklore presents the worst pitfalls. We only realize the strains of life as we dance from gloom to gloom, looking all pretty and glitzy – nice décor on a town built around a filthy river. Though we feel the pinch, we are told if we continue there is a prize on the other side.

But when God speaks, the truth makes itself available by His word. If we are receptive we see the great deception in the things we’re picking up. He teaches us things and the way to avoid doing according to what we have been heading towards. Away from the murky currents. He brings us to His Son, the Messiah of old, the High Priest and loving Elder who calls us by name to come to Him to learn the things of life. He breaks bread with us, He feeds us, He nourishes our souls and gives our dead bones the bread of life and the drink He promised, the promise of God.

When our desires become silent the lessons begin to manifest and life begins new. This same Jesus will give you a confidence when you are convicted and contrite, because then you can begin to accept the truth of life and the life God desires for mankind. Many of us are called – but who will answer? Depends on you, your desires, your heart, your ambition’s hold on you; because God calls to us without shame even in our darkest moments. Shining a light like he is shining it for His dearly beloved. This is the faithfulness of God, the Mighty and Holy, The Loving.

It is here we understand, if we are willing, that our only fight should be to humble ourselves. Put the warrior away so that Jesus can teach you what a warrior full of righteousness can do. The only shame is not accepting the entreaty of the Lord because of how much love he pours out in calling to us and what He is willing to do to get our attention. In submission and acceptance and laying down everything; your whole life – you will find a new life and everything you believed you were looking for while the deception of the world seduced your senses with sights and sounds and the promise of adventure, you swallowed whole that quickly turned bitter.

If you look and see sin and realize it is too much. That is because your heart realizes that it cannot, nor can anyone around you do what needs to be done to help you. Jesus can and only Him. “All through Jesus” and “all to Jesus” are profound in the reality of forgiveness and eternal life.

In still silence, in submission, in giving up ambition, life in this world; our feet touch the Kingdom of God, our souls are filled with the Holy Spirit, our hearts with the loving presence of the Lord. There is nothing better than waking to the presence of the one who loves you like a brother, who calls you His child, and who provides wisdom and guidance to all of us who turn to him in humility. Proverbs 16:9 explains that a man makes his plans, but it is God who orders his steps. And in the still silence, in our myriad of thoughts, we will understand what this means when we give all to Jesus and accept God’s promise, through Jesus Christ.

In the day I realized I was not strong enough to fight my demons, the Lord called to me and took my sins away. The day I admitted I was not strong enough, Jesus allowed me to lean on Him and He away my anxieties about my inadequacies. When I handed Him the freedom He gave me. He didn’t wait for me to reach the door before he ran to meet me on the way, unworthy as I am. But in his willingness to come to me I began to understand; to fear God is the greatest feeling, because He will come to you through Jesus. A faithful promise – And to Love the Lord is to do the very thing we were made to do; the full understanding of Jesus’s words to “take my yoke upon you” Matthew 11:29 – a most beautiful cross and light burden full of grace and peace. A maturity of the pureness of the heart Jesus revived and made spotless and bright.

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