How to Use Spiritseid

How to use Spiritseid

Browsing the Spiritseid Journal isn’t hard, but I want to make it simple still. While browsing Spiritseid, you may want to find specific articles or poetry that bring a happy tune to your ails. There are various topics to be read for free, like poetry to sooth & entertain, Bible study for spiritual edification, articles for everyday reading, or words to help you move on from past hurt or stress. All of which you can now listen to via podcast episodes. Have a quick peek.

Suggested Browser

Mozilla Firefox, Chrome, Edge, or any browser should display content without hiccups, that includes mobile web. Spiritseid is optimized for mobile web browsing so you can read our content on your mobile device wherever you are.


The search bar is located top right of the pages, and is the easiest way to find articles or poetry you want by typing key phrases into the text field (ex. Bible study, poetry, author name, etc…) Find your free reading with the powerful search tool.

Spiritseid sections

The menu tab named, Sections is the table of contents where you can find listed content for poetry, Bible studies, and more. All Spiritseid topics are listed. Hover over the sections on your PC to open the catalog of reading.

Share your story on Spiritseid

Do you write? Want to create backlinks? Don’t have a blog of your own? Use the contact us tab to send us an email with details. New writers are welcome so long as you write inspiring blogs. You can also visit our share your story page for more details. We accept motivational, God-centered spiritual pieces, poetry, life inspired pieces from writers, bloggers, and readers whether you own a blog or not. Visit our story page or send us a message with details about interest or piece you want the world to see.

Paid Content

Paid content will be few and far between. The goal will be to keep content on Spiritseid free for everyone to read.


Any ad will be manually approved and added. We use Mailchimp to collect emails solely for the purpose of new posts and newsletters to keep you informed about Spiritseid, maybe an occasional Spiritseid-branded product offer. We do not solicit donations or market for anyone. We DO NOT market to your based on your activity.

Contribution & Collaboration

We accept and do guest posts by request. If you have an idea or want an article writing just get in touch through out contact page. As an operating rule, we do not We do not accept political, personal attacks of any sort, offensive articles, we write PG, and must meet our guildelines. Work submitted for consideration must include author basic info, which can include blog, website or verifiable email.

More to come

Enjoy the visit. Join our mailing list.

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