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How to Use Spiritseid

As you browse Spiritseid, you will see that there are various types of content, and you may just want to read something specific; like poetry to sooth your mind, Bible study for spiritual edification, articles for everyday reading – there are a lot of things here to please a lot of people, though not everyone. That said. I am creating this page to help you find content you came to read easier. As the site gets more complicated, hopefully not, there will be specific instructions on finding everything. Have at it!


The search tool is by far the easiest way to find content using words that tell the tool what you’re looking for, ie. articles about success, articles pertaining to the Bible or bible studies, poems, works from a specific writer – (to come, I’m working on making Spiritseid, a we magazine), or a specific type of article or content. Type in a word associated with what you’re looking for and you will get access to several articles for your reading.

Spiritseid Categories

The Spiritseid categories is our table of contents for all articles poetry and just about everything spiritseid related. When you hover your mouse here, or, if reading by mobile device you will have to click on each arrow to open the sub menus. This page is where you will find specific article categories or pages, as they are added and you can spend your whole day reading to your heart’s content with ordered content catered to you. It is free so enjoy and share.

Share your story on Spiritseid

Want your story to appear on Spiritseid? We can make that happen. Contact us with your idea. We take stories from writers, bloggers, and readers who do not know how to write a blog. We can do an interview or post your story with credits and links to one of your uplifting content. Speak to us too know more.


You can visit our donations page to make a voluntary donation to support Spirit Seid. You do NOT need to donate to read articles and poetry. Those are free and will remain free. I am grateful for anything you give.

Paid Content

I will do everything I can to keep growing, and free, as I grow the site to include other writers- but not everyone will want to give away free, and there will be content that is paid content only. Books, other things with links to them. This will likely be a store where you can purchase or giving information or payment details on how to get your item shipped or downloaded. No decision on it yet. All articles and poetry from me are free. If anything there will be a specific page for subscription only, again, no decision yet because there are no other writers or recurring guest writers.


They are coming, it is a way to keep the articles and content free, so I will be working on adding some ads. All ads displayed WILL match the content you read. We reserve the right to approve or deny any blog for any reason. We do not discriminate, but ads shall be in line with content. All ads are manually approved and added.

Contribution & Collaboration

If you have an idea or want to contribute to our blog or would like me to collaborate on an article, feel free to contact me. Work for consideration must fit current articles on Spiritseid, must not include direct attacks on any individual, not offending, keep it as PG as possible, must conform to Terms of use. All work submitted for consideration must include writer’s basic contact information and profile (blog & or verifiable email).

More to come

Fingers crossed. Enjoy the reading.