Faith Without Works or Works without Faith

Have faith in you and faith in your desire. Work for your desire. Know that god has granted jt

Faith without works is dead. Works without faith is dead. I will admit that I struggled with that when I actively went to a church and read the Bible. It wasn’t until in my forties it fully made sense.

You will get what you desire if you work for it, as long as you believe you will. If you doubt you will get what you’re working for, you will not get it. The same can be said for wanting something and being unwilling to work for it.

Effectively. You desire something, believe in yourself and your abilities to get it. Then work towards it. The path is clear. The work is hard and God, whichever name you use, had already given it to you.

It’s the secret of wealth. Desire first. Faith or belief second. Finally, work. Whether you believe in God, a deity, self, or another human being this applies. You can’t have it unless you have faith that you will get it, then work for it. All three are important to your accomplishments.

After all, how will you know how to plan if you have no desire? How will you have faith if you have nothing to have faith in going after? And how will you get what you have faith in if you refuse to move / change?

This all actually goes in line with keeping your eyes on the prize. An important aspect of teaching toward a gaol. Knowing yourself. Believing in yourself. All of it meaning that you must believe in your ability to get what you desire through work.

And why not? If you pay attention to the truth, God is a part of your mind. So why would God not hear and know what you want?

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