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Faith and Perseverance is a Better Option to Luck

Good luck!!! It’s the little things, I’m beginning to notice, that alter our way of thinking and doing. May be you have, too. Maybe you have even given luck a name of some sort, like the oft mentioned, “lady luck”. Luck, to me, is nothing but random occurrences of good fortune, or bad, depending on which side you land on. So according to that, every now and then you get lucky or, if you’re one of those chosen few, you are lucky in every situation you wind up in – well, that is until luck decides you’re too much. Then, you know what you are… DUN DUN DUNNNNNN

Luck is a precarious thing. It works when it wants to, likely just like the person who is under the curse, or blessing, however it may be. And while there is nothing wrong with someone claiming luck. I would prefer to choose to acknowledge that my Faith in God and my perseverance is what created good fortunes. Better to be sure God has it well in hand and your back is in the work, rather than counting on some random occurrence.

For me, it is the little things. The little ways I reflect and think when I look at the things that happen in my everyday life. Over the span of my years it has proven far better that I acknowledge the Lord in my good fortunes rather than throw caution to the wind, even as I change direction or begin to recreate the direction I’m heading in anew. Things go as planned only so long as we do the work or have Faith in the Lord to deliver.

Over the last three years, everything I know is changed, even I. Thoughts. Interactions. Portion of what I see during moments of reflection changed when I started looking at successes and failures from the POV of Faith and Perseverance, rather than saying I got lucky. My Faith in God, in looking toward the Kingdom of God, in choosing to live life the way I want to live and having Faith that God will place good things along the way, in choosing to follow Messiah and knowing his promises are a sure thing. That became a special thing that led me on the path I’m following now where everything I want is in play, and the things I’m working toward are completely different.

What I have seen of luck, what I have seen of Faith – they produce the results you desire and work toward and believe you will achieve. Faith in God and Perseverance in what you’re working toward allows you to keep what you’ve made without continually looking over your shoulders. In my opinion – Faith and Perseverance is the better option, to me, because it also allows me to acknowledge the hand of God in the things I have and have achieved and it has opened up a whole new world of happenings and learnings for me.

It is the little things we acknowledge that shape the way we think and behave. And so I handed luck a certificate of divorce and am holding firmly to Faith in Christ and Perseverance.

Chuck luck! Chuck it now!

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