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Donate to Spirit Seid

Spiritseid does not email or call to solicit donations, disregard any such communications.

Thanks for coming to the Spiritseid donation page. While I accept donations, you do not have to pay anything to read the free articles and poetry on spiritseid. It is also free to submit your story to us. But I am grateful for any amount you donate to help support the uplifting movement of Spiritseid. We have 2 options is listed below.

Option 2  CASH-APP – $spiritseid is the cash-tag you can send a donation to and thank you.

Why do you need donations?

Donations will go help to pay for hosting and running Spiritseid. Donations will help with upgrades and additional services.

Disclaimer & Transparency – Your donations are appreciated. All donations will be used to fund Spiritseid and any future member benefits. Your donation does NOT give you any rights to anything on Spiritseid and does NOT explicitly or expressly grant you decision making rights. Donations do not constitute paying for any service. Donations are not a guarantor of services. Your donation does not grant you access to anything more than the free blog content for your reading edification. All content on Spiritseid are to be considered copyrights and owned by Spiritseid, sharers, and writers. If you wish to hire a writer you may submit a request via our contact page or use the contact information for the writers. If you insult our writers you will be banned from communicating with us. Spiritseid will never email or call you to solicit donations. There will be no Spiritseid fundraiser, by email or phone. Disregard and delete any such phone calls or emails sent to you.