Defining What you Think and How you think

malcolmx2That is an old Proverb that rings true in each generation. The way you think, the way you conceive things, is the way you will be and do. The statement doesn’t really need an explanation because t does explain itself. You think, you conceive, you begin to do. If you think of failure then failure will be the result of what you do. If you think success then you will conceive success for the things you do and will therefore get successful results. It really is that simple, difficult in most cases because of how we were taught to think, but impossible, not by far. People do it everyday and we sit in wonder about how they did it and never fully realize we could do the same.

Our way of thinking in most 99% of everything we fail to do is the reason for the failure, not that we simply failed or because of anything anyone did. It’s simply because we were thinking about how to go about failing that our paths were laid out with the objects of failure. Simple explanation of what I just wrote is that we conceive failure, as the result so our minds begin to put the steps to failure in front of us and we go about following each step toward a successful failure… Nothing else to call it but a successful failure because we successfully worked to fail. The best thing we can all do is simply admit that we screwed up, screwed ourselves out of something, or simply were the sole reason we failed.

that other people we see as successful have only figured out that to be successful they had to develop a way of thinking that kept them focused on the successful outcome they desired. When you do this your mind starts to take note of the steps needed and formulates each step. Those who follow these guidelines laid out by their minds will become successful. The only thing our minds need is the focus on what we want out of something. Therefore if we are focused only on the positive outcomes and not the possibility of failure then our minds will work toward successfully completing the task at hand.

The outcome we desire should be the only thing on our minds at the time of conception. While we do this we become a part of the process working toward a successful end. As a person thinks so they becomes is exactly that. You think about the things it takes to be successful at any task and your mind starts to put those things into action, one after the next until it fully understands the steps. All we have to do from there is to follow the roadmap our minds lay out for us to follow and simply adjust where necessary while keeping our minds focused on exactly the outcome we desire.

Test that theory with something you are doing. Half the day focused on what could happen, then the other half on what you want to happen and record the outcomes and see what you notice. See you again soon.

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